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7 amazing houses to split with friends

Friends make life richer. They help enrich your bank account when you share the cost of an over-the-top home with a handful of your choicest homies. What’s more, all the best vacay activities — grilling, saltwater pool-lounging, roof-deck dancing under a setting sun — are way better with friends around to hold your beer or …


5 super-chill stays for no-drama group getaways

When you’re finally able to unite your squad for a quick escape, you want to have the time of your lives — which means there’s absolutely no room for drama! Find the right shared setting for your crew, and you’re well on your way to collective nirvana. A private stay with built-in perks and extra …


Quiz: What’s the perfect weekend getaway for your squad?

Fact: 99% of Americans let vacation days go to waste. JK, it’s really 55%. BUT STILL. That’s depressingly high. So do your part! Grab your friends and get away for the weekend. Wondering where your squad should go? Let us show you the way.