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7 spring break destinations for the whole family

School’s out! No matter how old you are, those two little words can still make you feel deliriously happy. With spring break just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about recharging and reconnecting as a family. Whether you’re looking to thaw out on a beach, hit the slopes for some spring …


Fairy houses? Stars Wars-themed bunk beds? Proximity to Disneyland Park? Select from 5 KID KINGDOMS for your next family getaway

From enchanting homes with themed rooms near beloved amusement parks to splashy waterfront properties or rustic mountain escapes with their own hobbit holes, these family-friendly vacation rentals will awe and inspire kids of all ages. And they’ll likely tickle the fancy of parents too!


Live like royalty: Castle rentals around Europe

Fit for a king or queen—or your whole royal family—these castles located in delightful destinations around Europe invite you and your kin or friends for an unforgettable stay in settings right out of a history book.


Amazing Asian destinations the family will love

Asia isn’t reserved for couples on romantic beach getaways. If you’re the kind of parent who loves world travel and exotic family trips, consider the following family-friendly destinations—ones your kids will love as much as you will! As well as rounding up some of our favorite Asia vacation spots for families, we’ve thrown in some …


8 great healthy destinations

Trying to jumpstart a healthy regimen with your next vacation? Make it easier and more fun by taking a trip to an inspiring locale. Maybe you’ll find your center by eating fare fresh from one of San Francisco’s legendary farmers’ markets, embracing solitude in a meditation garden in San Diego, running through our nation’s capital, …


Survive winter with these 7 beachy summer daydreams

Enough already with this bonkers weather. Our suggested coping mechanism for such hazy shades of winter? Turn your thoughts to bright natural light and big-time beach frolicking. Visualize pristine sandy beaches, sparkling ocean tides and tons of unadulterated S-U-N! After all, every good summer adventure begins with a wintertime daydream.


Read the stories behind these 6 stylish stays

Looking for a stay with a stylish backstory? We’ve highlighted six high-design characters across the country, each with a colorful past. Our picks include an Irish saloon turned into a Mid-century gem in Texas, a model of modern sustainability in West Virginia, and an architect’s own extravagant Shaker refuge in New York.


Euro Cupid to the rescue! 5 last-minute getaways for your Valentine

Admit it — you almost forgot. Don’t panic! You can still save V Day in a big way with a spontaneous escape to one of Europe’s most classically romantic cities. There’s something for everybody’s boo, whether it’s an exquisite dinner à deux with a sunset backdrop, a kiss stolen on a famous footbridge or a …


QUIZ: Build your dream vacation home and we’ll tell you where you should travel

Construct your perfect vacation rental and we’ll tell you where your next trip should be.


Discover new worlds in New Zealand: 4 amazing destinations

The lore surrounding New Zealand’s dynamic culture, landscape, and recreational activities has made New Zealand a perennial bucket-list favorite for travelers around the world. It would be a challenge not to marvel at its majestic beauty, from rugged mountain peaks in the south to lush green hills in the north. Experience this enchanting country east …