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ATX locals reveal how to have the best-ever ACL Fest 2017

Our homegrown editorial staff is weighing in with tips on everything from how to get around, what to eat, what to wear and where not to get hung up while you’re in our town.


Best ACL Fest 2017 tip: Don’t burn out

Tomek is super-plugged into Austin’s active side, which is exactly why he knows how to cool off and recharge around town. Absorb his take on how to keep yourself in rockin’ shape throughout the weekend.


Best ACL Fest 2017 tip: Try the Clarksville workaround

It’s something Cadien figured out as a two-time former resident of this leafy Austin neighborhood. Discover how to avoid the mob scene around Zilker Park when the music stops and you start getting hangry.


Best ACL Fest 2017 tip: Gear up with six crucial items

Caroline’s got your ACL Fest 2017 survival kit all picked out for you. Find out which six must-have products you probably haven’t thought of, but will definitely require, when you descend on Zilker.


Best ACL Fest 2017 tip: Barbecue like a baller

Sure, there are some wildly famous spots to grub down on ‘cue in the Live Music Capital of the World. But MJ’s sussed out which ones pull their weight without a crazy, ridiculous, insane wait.


Best ACL Fest 2017 tip: Getting your own automobile is a big mistake

Kiley’s got the down low on how to get around Austin at it’s most hopping — hassle-free. Spoiler alert: there’s no need to rent a car or rot in traffic.


Best ACL Fest 2017 tip: Keep yourself sated in style

Travis knows his way around the Austin brunch-to-nightcap landscape. Peep his suggestions for fueling up for the day with a hearty and boozy meal and unwinding for the night with a relaxing cocktail.


You need to stay in one of these to really experience ACL festival (week 1, Oct 6-8)

Location, location! Get all the comforts of home at your rental to enjoy the iconic festival in Austin, TX—you’ll be fresh and ready to take on more than 30 hours of music.