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8 great healthy destinations

Trying to jumpstart a healthy regimen with your next vacation? Make it easier and more fun by taking a trip to an inspiring locale. Maybe you’ll find your center by eating fare fresh from one of San Francisco’s legendary farmers’ markets, embracing solitude in a meditation garden in San Diego, running through our nation’s capital, …


6 things you should never do at a vacation home

Whether choosing a vacation rental for extra space, budget-friendly rates, a kitchen or the welcoming pet policy, you realize that vacation homes are wholly different from (and better than, we might add) hotels. Accordingly, standard practice and procedures differ too. Ready to book the vacation home of your dreams? Read this first!


ATX locals reveal how to have the best-ever ACL Fest 2017

Our homegrown editorial staff is weighing in with tips on everything from how to get around, what to eat, what to wear and where not to get hung up while you’re in our town.


7 vacations you could buy for the cost of an iPhone X

Sure, you could drop a cool thou on an iPhone X (something you’ll use EVERYDAY) or you could take a weekend in one of these hot spots (something you’ll remember FOREVER). And there’s no need to split the cost with anyone else.


9 things you should never say to a person learning to ski

Hitting the slopes with a rookie skier? Maintain your relationship and — more importantly — keep your friend or family member safe by avoiding the following words and phrases. Here are some of the most insensitive and annoying things you can say to an adult learning to ski for the first time.


Back-to-school is the end of quality family time, right? Wrong!

Is the fun over just because summer’s over? Are homework and hustle all your family has to look forward to? No! Here are five ways to keep the fun going all school-year long. 

Hurricane Harvey 2017

Here are 3 easy ways travelers can help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

Hurricane Harvey has wreaked unprecedented devastation on communities in Texas and Louisiana since it made landfall last week, and it’s time to rally. First and foremost, it’s wonderfully easy to make financial donations to relief efforts such as the American Red Cross, the Houston Food Bank, the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and GlobalGiving. Text HARVEY …


14 genius little travel hacks that could save your trip

It doesn’t take long to transform from travel procrastinator to travel perfectionist. With a pinch of preparatory measures, you can calm your deepest fears of vacation disasters and set yourself up for a relaxing, flawless getaway. Discover 13 very quick and easy—but crucial—actions that could save your trip. The best part: Each task won’t take …


6 ways the ancients crushed at traveling happy

Apps, state-of-the-art gadgetry and online travel-planning tools galore — we moderns think we have the monopoly on travel savvy. Tech may have a hand in guiding us through our wanderings, but the ancients have much to teach us about enjoying our vacations to the max.

#Squadgoals: How to take group photos and still be friends

Let’s be honest: You’re going on vacation for the ‘gram and the fomo you’ll inspire. Don’t fail at the group photo doing just ONE MORE take and placating that friend who always hates their picture. Take the best friendcation photos — here’s how.