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7 spring break destinations for the whole family

School’s out! No matter how old you are, those two little words can still make you feel deliriously happy. With spring break just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about recharging and reconnecting as a family. Whether you’re looking to thaw out on a beach, hit the slopes for some spring …


Amazing Asian destinations the family will love

Asia isn’t reserved for couples on romantic beach getaways. If you’re the kind of parent who loves world travel and exotic family trips, consider the following family-friendly destinations—ones your kids will love as much as you will! As well as rounding up some of our favorite Asia vacation spots for families, we’ve thrown in some …


These luxe beach escapes are so life-changing they’re worth going broke for

Phuket! You work hard for the money. Time to drop everything and head somewhere truly tropical, super luxurious, and far, far away. (At least mentally anyway.) From Thailand to Hawaii’s Big Island, these eight extraordinary beaches are totally within your reaches.


8 undiscovered Brazilian beach towns that feel like paradise on Earth

Without question, Rio de Janeiro is a must-see destination. But arguably better Brazilian beaches can be found off the beaten tourist path. Discover 8 beach towns in Brazil where lagoons, natural pools and rustic little villages forge a pure seaside paradise — sans crowds. While away the days in shorts and flip-flops, with a coconut …


We have uncovered the 10 best windsurfing destinations in the world

Wind, water, shelter … that’s all you need for the ultimate windsurfing adventure, right? Wrong! It’s crucial to pick just the right spot where all three come together. Check out our list of the greatest vacation destinations for all you windsurfers around the world.


8 awesomely exotic vacations you can take without a passport

A breezy island vacation doesn’t always require a trip through customs. We found 8 of the most exotic spots every American citizen is free to enjoy without any extra hassles or red tape. Some won’t even require a plane ride.