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Glorious outdoor spaces for summer

Yield to the call of the great outdoors this season! We’ve found six incredible vacation rentals primed for enjoying the elements. Why not select a stay with features that maximize your group’s chances for summer fun? Whether it’s lounging in a dreamy garden setting, fishing off a dock, or sitting around a bonfire, here’s how …


7 amazing houses to split with friends

Friends make life richer. They help enrich your bank account when you share the cost of an over-the-top home with a handful of your choicest homies. What’s more, all the best vacay activities — grilling, saltwater pool-lounging, roof-deck dancing under a setting sun — are way better with friends around to hold your beer or …


5 super-chill stays for no-drama group getaways

When you’re finally able to unite your squad for a quick escape, you want to have the time of your lives — which means there’s absolutely no room for drama! Find the right shared setting for your crew, and you’re well on your way to collective nirvana. A private stay with built-in perks and extra …


Fairy houses? Stars Wars-themed bunk beds? Proximity to Disneyland Park? Select from 5 KID KINGDOMS for your next family getaway

From enchanting homes with themed rooms near beloved amusement parks to splashy waterfront properties or rustic mountain escapes with their own hobbit holes, these family-friendly vacation rentals will awe and inspire kids of all ages. And they’ll likely tickle the fancy of parents too!


8 awe-inspiring national sites every American needs to see

Oh, our pretty lady with those spacious skies … If you’ve never trekked through the peaks, valleys, monuments, and parks that make this land our land, what are you waiting for? Get packing and finally set off for Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, the base of the Liberty Bell, and five more US sights you have to …


Live like royalty: Castle rentals around Europe

Fit for a king or queen—or your whole royal family—these castles located in delightful destinations around Europe invite you and your kin or friends for an unforgettable stay in settings right out of a history book.


6 awesome family spring break escapes

Here comes the sun, little darlings! Even if you’ve been taking long winter’s naps when you should’ve been masterminding the crew’s sunny getaway, you’re A-OK. There’s still time to find your family’s perfect seasonal oasis in one of these six hot spots, from blue Hawaii to balmy Florida.

homeaway valentines day

Romance your way with our 4 fab Valentine breaks

You may have just one true love, but there are endless ways to take a romantic trip together. Some couples are foodies, while others head to the slopes or hit the beach for a getaway. No matter what your style—high octane or relaxed, mountain or city—we’ve found five swoon-worthy homes just perfect for two. Remembering …


Read the stories behind these 6 stylish stays

Looking for a stay with a stylish backstory? We’ve highlighted six high-design characters across the country, each with a colorful past. Our picks include an Irish saloon turned into a Mid-century gem in Texas, a model of modern sustainability in West Virginia, and an architect’s own extravagant Shaker refuge in New York.


Lights, camera, HOME-MOVIE-THEATER action! Make sure your next escape comes with its own cinema screening room

Part of the fun of renting a house for your vacation is the chance to make yourself truly at home—and that extends to your love of snuggling up in front of the big screen and sharing your favorite movie moments with loved ones and fellow film fans. All of the following—some of them superbly decadent …