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Survive winter with these 7 beachy summer daydreams

Enough already with this bonkers weather. Our suggested coping mechanism for such hazy shades of winter? Turn your thoughts to bright natural light and big-time beach frolicking. Visualize pristine sandy beaches, sparkling ocean tides and tons of unadulterated S-U-N! After all, every good summer adventure begins with a wintertime daydream.


The 10 most amazing beaches along the colorful Florida Keys

You don’t have to be a “parrot head” or a pugilistic author to experience the place that drew in both Jimmy Buffett and Ernest Hemingway. The colorful Florida Keys are for everyone! From families looking for some of the country’s most amazing snorkeling spots to singles looking for a street party in paradise, read on …


These 6 beach towns are hidden gems in the off-season

Not every beach vacation is about bathing suits, crowds and sunburn. A change of season brings out some of the undiscovered best in beach towns along these favorite sandy stretches.


10 Insta moments that will give you a serious case of wanderlust

Going for Instaglory? These 10 travelers did, and they got the gold! Want to see your photos on our feed? Tag ’em using #HomeAway!


These luxe beach escapes are so life-changing they’re worth going broke for

Phuket! You work hard for the money. Time to drop everything and head somewhere truly tropical, super luxurious, and far, far away. (At least mentally anyway.) From Thailand to Hawaii’s Big Island, these eight extraordinary beaches are totally within your reaches.


8 undiscovered Brazilian beach towns that feel like paradise on Earth

Without question, Rio de Janeiro is a must-see destination. But arguably better Brazilian beaches can be found off the beaten tourist path. Discover 8 beach towns in Brazil where lagoons, natural pools and rustic little villages forge a pure seaside paradise — sans crowds. While away the days in shorts and flip-flops, with a coconut …


15 insanely relaxing ways to reclaim your chill

In honor of making National Relaxation Day, aka the best idea a fourth-grader ever had, a thing all year long, we’ve highlighted 15 of the most relaxing-sounding stays in the world. Here’s where to hang your hat when you check the heck out in Leisure City.


6 stunning waterfront rentals in Europe you need to see now

From swanky oceanfront villas with sea views to die for to rustic lakeside cottages far from the madding crowds, we have something to inspire all families and groups looking for a fun, relaxing way to vacation on the water this summer.


You need to check these 6 affordable highly reviewed beach rentals

Location, value, and great reviews are the reasons you should spend your next weekend beach getaway on the Atlantic coast.


We have uncovered the 10 best windsurfing destinations in the world

Wind, water, shelter … that’s all you need for the ultimate windsurfing adventure, right? Wrong! It’s crucial to pick just the right spot where all three come together. Check out our list of the greatest vacation destinations for all you windsurfers around the world.