It’s Always Sexy Time at These Outrageously Quirky Love Nests

Queue up the Barry White, the Barry Manilow, whatever your pleasure—if your tastes skew sexual chocolate or groovy pina coladas—we don’t judge. Find a vacation spot that summons the stirring sounds of baritone-bass, the whirr of the hot tub, the roar of the fireplace in front of a bear skin rug, a British spy’s infamous theme song, whatever. That’s your business. From gloriously groovy beach retreats and classically quirky mountain cabins to slightly coquettish London flats, there’s a stay along the sexy spectrum for you and your boo.

Ocean-view sunsets above a private pool

Jump in, slink around, clink Champagne flutes, it’s all about what you and your island lover are into in this bubbly environment for two with an ocean view. It kind of says it all that there’s a heart-shaped hot tub inside this super-luxe casa of LUV. Gorgeous Costa Rican getaways like these also happen to include an outdoor jacuzzi, a private infinity pool, amazing sunsets, and all the extras you need to really get your groove on.

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Clawfoot tubs & bearskin rugs

Working on your night moves? Remote log cabin in the Maryland woods = check. Outdoor hot tub on the deck = check. Roaring indoor wood-burning fireplace = check. Bearskin rug in front of aforementioned fireplace = check. Clawfoot bathtub in the middle of the room= check. If it’s classic sexy time with a few quirky accents, it’s here. For example: Beware of “Bubba the Bear” on the top floor. He’ll get’cha!

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Sleek mood lighting & city views

Prefer a place 007 or La Femme Nikita would work their magic? Craving a bit of sophisticated opulence in your love nest? Crave no more. This London pad has all the sexy, posh accents you need for a proper tryst: Bedroom mood lighting (yep), open shower for two, loads of mirrors, and state-of-the-art amenities throughout … the only thing you’re missing is a double agent with a penchant for shaken martinis or black lace underthings. (But your own lovely bloke or bird is sure to do.)

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A heart-shaped Jacuzzi in a rustic log cabin

Hungry for a love nest perched where the eagles fly on a mountain high? It’s called “Honey Ridge,” y’all, and it’s your Tennessee mountain dream get-down palace. An indoor heart-shaped jacuzzi for two, a roaring indoor fireplace, a bearskin rug, and an outdoor hot tub … consider yourselves ensnared in the honey trap.

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