The Anti-Bride Guide: How to Ensure Your BFF’s Destination Wedding Is Somewhere YOU Want to Travel

Don’t just say yes to bridesmaid duty. SEE THE WORLD, GIRL. If you’re gonna go broke anyway, go for broke somewhere that isn’t a romantical cliché. When the future Mrs. starts brainstorming locales (all the usual suspects, no doubt), here’s your fantasy destination lineup.

She says Cancun, you say Pamplona

“I’ve always wanted to run with the bulls. It’s a dream. Are you going to kill my dreams whilst living out your (and what’s-his-name’s) fairy tale? Boleros would make excellent bridesmaid dress accents, btw.”

Some Pamplona stays >

She says Nassau, you say Easter Island

“ROCK ON, right? If it’s good enough for Pink Floyd… Also, can you imagine the photo ops? How amazing will we all look poised next to giant ancient stone heads?”

A few Easter Island stays >

She says Vegas, you say Joshua Tree

“Not just because U2’s reunion tour is happening! In the name of love, why not soak up some peaceful nuptial vibes in a transcendent desert vortex? Plus, peyote would make for an incredibly original wedding party favor.”

Some Joshua Tree stays >

She says Bermuda, you say Bergen

“One word: FJORDS! What could be cooler than setting out on your and (what’s-his-name’s) journey together from this magical Norwegian port? And who needs ice sculptures when you can cruise by amazing glacier-like natural wonders? Tadow!”

Some Bergen stays >

She says Aruba, you say Amazon Brazilian Rainforest

“Welcome to the wedding jungle! Manaus, Brazil, could be a super festive hub for your festivities … and, you know, if anyone wanted to take it from there and experience one of the world’s disappearing natural wonders along a pretty famous river … they could.”

Some Manaus stays >

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