Pin your bliss: 10 travel and adventure nuggets for your quote board

Do not let the season fade away without finding your place in the sun. Absorb some amazing travel inspo from those in-the-know. Then get off your duff and get going on your next great summer adventure!

Ahh, Sir Anthony. Yes, travel, like most worthwhile ventures, has always required a hearty helping of grit. We think Bourdain would be a fan of exploring these 6 epically historic and thoroughly modern parts – known and unknown.

Where fantasy meets reality: Dreamer and sci-fi imaginer Ray Bradbury would certainly approve of filling your eyes with these impossibly pretty, and very real, places.

If anyone encouraged us to view the ordinary as extraordinary, it was Mr. Campbell Soup Can himself. Take a peek at the most artistic way to really see these 7 natural wonders.

FLW FTW. Frank’s legions of fans agree that his way of bringing the outside in bested the best of them. Find out how it’s possible to commune with nature and architecture simultaneously for yourself.

Right on, Dolly! Fine-tuning is what it’s all about. If you’re up for a literal demo of Partonian philosophy, opt to explore the world’s top places to catch the wind in your sails and steer.

Yes, girls, you run this mother. Girlboss empire-builder Sophia Amoruso has a beat on how to keep on ruling. But just for good measure, we tapped five of our own world-shakers to find out how to vacation like a girlboss.

Environmentalist and author Rick Bass brilliantly captured how we come to understand new lands c/o our canines. Determined to embark on the vacation of a doggone lifetime? Check out 8 amazing ways to treat yourselves.

Gusto. Maya Angelou had it, and you have it too. So, go on, get after it, go for it! Live your life with chutzpah, moxie, and guts. If you’re an extreme adventurer, we’ve got your next seven trips all mapped out.

Carl Sagan’s cosmic poetry yields inspiration for light years. Maybe it’s time to start considering the sparkling cosmos as opposed to Earth’s dimmer distractions? Behold: a bucket list for all the budding stargazers out there.

Hans knows how to throw out a magical phrase. And he’s right. Life can be a magical fairytale. So if you’re ready to live it, we’ve uncovered 11 unbelievable ways to sprinkle your next adventure with pixie dust.

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