How to stay in the fake towns from your fave TV shows and movies

Always wanted to sleuth around Cabot Cove, Maine or linger by Dawson’s Creek? Here’s how to get your super-fan fix with getaways to the real places behind your favorite TV shows and movies.

Murder, She Wrote

We “couldn’t help but notice …” And you may have already cracked this, but Jessica Fletcher’s Cabot Cove, Maine was really a gorgeous village in Mendocino, California.

And we’ve deduced that Angela Lansbury herself would rent this charming cottage in the thick of quaint Mendocino Village. It’s got all the creature comforts, and plenty of nooks for a spot of tea, typing out a novel, and solving life’s mysteries. Who knows? You may even befriend the local sheriff.

Stay in the real Cabot Cove >

The Goonies

Heyyyy, youuuuu guuuuyyyys! Astoria was really … Astoria, Oregon!

Yes, this exceedingly magical coastal town actually exists. Looking for a colorful take on the Brandon and Mikey Walsh house that’s in their real neighborhood, aka, the “Goondocks?” Stay in the fantastic “Painted Lady” house and take in breathtaking views when you’re not out searching for One-Eyed Willie’s treasure.

Stay in magical Astoria >

Magnum, P.I.

Come on, Higgins … You know Tom super-fox Selleck’s excessive ‘80s Hawaii was the real Honolulu.

Thomas Magnum’s adventures in private dicking really did take place on the spectacular isle of Oahu. Drive up the coastal Kalanianaole Highway by Higgins’ house (“The Robin’s Nest”) to find this comfy cottage gem with everything you need to vacay like Selleck, including beach access to boot.

Stay in still-hot Honolulu >

Northern Exposure

Dr. Joel Fleishman’s wonderfully weird Cicely, Alaska was really Roslyn, Washington.

Can you still hear Chris Stevens (aka John Corbett aka Aidan Shaw) kicking off his radio show with an erudite musing every a.m.? Experiencing this cozy Washington town is as easy as walking down the street. We’re certain all of the cast’s lovably quirky characters would’ve posted up at “Little Red Roslyn” house.

Stay in eccentric Roslyn >

Dawson's Creek

Hate to break your hearts, but the crew’s Capeside, Massachusetts, was really Wilmington, North Carolina.

You don’t wanna wait … for you life to be ovaaah before you visit the haunts of Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and the gang. Van der Beek’s creek and its accompanying digs can be replicated without too much trouble. We scored a retreat by the water perfect for getting everyone together one last time before next season.

Stay on the friendly Wilmington waterfront >

Twin Peaks

Turns out Agent Cooper’s otherworldly Twin Peaks, Washington was really Snoqualmie, Washington.

It gets pretty weird around here, but you’re sure to find some “damn fine” coffee and pie. The woods around Seattle hold enough sideways beauty and intrigue to keep creative madman David Lynch on the edge of his seat. Maybe you’ll go fishing or hiking in between hallucinatory visions? From your wee perch at perfectly appointed ”Middle Fork Cabin,” you’ll definitely absorb all the area’s natural and supernatural wonder.

Stay in spooky-cool Snoqualmie >

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