Best ACL Fest 2017 tip: Don’t burn out

Tomek is super-plugged into Austin’s active side, which is exactly why he knows how to cool off and recharge around town. Absorb his take on how to keep yourself in rockin’ shape throughout the weekend.

You may think that summer’s over by early October, but make no mistake, it ain’t! Definitely pack, among other useful items, your bathing gear. With all the extra music-crazy heat in the air, it’s going to be hot in Austin. So, to enjoy that extra weekend of summer, and to make sure you stay fresh despite hours of jamming out, take advantage of beautiful Barton Springs. One of Austin’s iconic landmarks, it’s only a few hundred yards from Zilker Park. Plan to come an hour or two before you’re going to see your first show—after walking or biking there you’ll need to sneak a refreshing moment in a shade.

Pro-tip: when you’re leaving, take a hand stamp so you can come back as many times throughout the day as you wish—the pool is open from 5am till 10pm.

Another option for mixing in a little bit of activity in with your weekend-long party, is hopping in a canoe or kayak. Not only you will work your arms and let your legs rest from all that standing, but also you’ll get a chance for some space. To yourself! (Super coveted on a fest weekend.)

Experience “a bit of paradise” with a kayak rental from Zilker Boats, which is literally stone throw away from the festival’s main entrance (to the south). The docks are located on the Barton Springs inlet, which dumps into the main river (known as Town Lake).

And if you want even more privacy, consider Rowing Dock ATX. They’re located directly on Town Lake, only a few minutes walking distance from Zilker Park. From the main entrance to the festival, loop around the grounds to the west and follow Stratford Drive under the MoPac (Route 1) bridge to the docks.

Pro-tip: get your boat and paddle toward Zilker Park to enjoy music from your own private spot on the water.


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