Recent San Antonio Park Reviews

  • It is a beautiful house, good space for all of us. We really enjoy our stay
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    It is a working people neighborhood, located in a very convenience distance from public transportation, local stores and grocery supplies. Me and my family enjoy our time together, with plenty of space in the house.

    Stayed: Apr 2018
  • Perfect place to get away from it all....
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    There is a lot to like about this place. We live in Envigado and wanted to get away for New Year’s. The noise, traffic, fireworks, and parties can make a good night’s sleep in El Poblado/Envigado almost impossible. This is the perfect getaway place. You are very secluded, and it’s very quiet. The home is very clean and for a finca type place, modern. Bathrooms were nice and the TV in the livingroom was good. The helpers that live on the property were extremely nice and helpful. I’m not sure what we would have done without them. For us it was the perfect getaway place. However, there are a few items that that renters should know just to set the right expectations): 1) I believe the internet is shared between the 3 units. Thus, the internet is very slow and everyone staying at one of the 3 places was complaining of the speed. When we were there it was so slow that you could not stream a movie. But it was OK for checking email and text. 2) Cell phones – We have Claro and there is one place on the property where we could get one bar, but that was it. Basically no cell phone coverage for us (maybe that’s not such a bad thing). 3) Bring bug/mosquito spray. You are out in the middle of nature and you will find lots of mosquitoes. We probable killed 50 of them in our 2 day stay. 4) Hot Water – Not sure why, but would could not get hot water. It was a little warm at best. The handy man came out and tried what her could, but no luck. The water heater was turned all the way up, and no hot water. The handy man indicated that that was a problem with the house and others had complained about it. 5) Price – I found the place to be on the high side. Yes, it’s a newer manufactured home and clean but at over $160, I found it a little steep. At that price range I would expect some added comfort items. Because of the internet situation having some board games, DVD player with a small movie library, etc would be nice. Also, at that price I expect to take a hot shower. For these reasons I didn't give it 5 stars. All in all, we had a nice time and a perfect night’s sleep for the nights we were there.

    Stayed: Dec 2017