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  • Great unit, nice people but there are a few things they dont tell you.
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    Great unit, everything you need, nice people, very helpful, the view from the pool area is awesome but had we known about three or four things that they don't tell you, we may not have booked. The location, the water , the electricity: The location is not on a beach but up the side of a mountain. Great view, but difficult to walk down and (almost) impossible to walk up. Even on a motor bike ( popular mode of transportation) it's tricky. Tuk Tuks can't climb the hill, so you get dropped off at the bottom. Taxis charge a 100 BT surcharge on top of their 200 BT minimum to come and get you, and another 300 BT to get back home. That's $27 CDN each trip to town , the beach, the laundry, the market etc and they're only 5 minutes away. The water comes from a natural spring and is very high in mineral content. This makes it unsafe for drinking, which is not unusual, but it will discolor your clothes if you try and wash them. Paying for laundry service or buying more water is an extra cost (and hassle) that we didn't anticipate. They meter the electricity for each unit and ask for a hefty cash deposit when you arrive which we didn't expect. The A/C is the big user of electricity but, because there are no screens on the windows or sliding doors, you cant keep them open in the late afternoon or evening to let the nice breeze keep the unit suitable for sleeping. Another cost and frustration that we didn't expect. We did enjoy our stay there. It was very clean, well maintained and the view, along with the peace and quiet of a remote location, made it a very relaxing stay.

    Stayed: Feb 2019
  • Nice House
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    it's very nice .Good option

    Stayed: Feb 2019