Best Skiing in September

Do you like to think outside the box when it comes to travel? If so, you might be thinking about skiing in September. While other travelers are pumpkin picking and admiring fall foliage, you might want to be soaring down the slopes. To fulfill this desire, you are going to have to do some research. It can be difficult to find the best skiing in September as this month is at the tail end of the season in the southern hemisphere and skiing in the northern hemisphere has largely not begun.

During the months of October and November, ski enthusiasts can often rely on artificial snow to secure their travel plans. If you want to ski in September, it is even more important to thoroughly research in advance. To get you started, here are some places for the best skiing in September.

argentina september skiingLas Lenas, Argentina

The ski season in Argentina is at its peak from the middle of June through the end of September. One of the most beloved large resorts in Argentina is Las Lenas. This resort is known for having a high concentration of expert and advanced trails, with only 5 percent of trails being appropriate for beginners.

Chapelco, Argentina

If you're looking for a place to work on your beginner ski skills in Argentina, you will find many more beginner trails at Chapelco. Here these easier slopes make up about 40 percent of the resort. If you're an expert skier, you'll want to focus your sights elsewhere.

Bariloche, Argentina

For intermediate skiers, the place for the best skiing in September is Bariloche in Argentina. This large region has a high concentration of trails that are appropriate for intermediate skiers. With 60 percent of the trails to choose from, you are sure to improve your skills on a South American jaunt.

Portillo, Chile

Beyond Argentina, the other most popular option for skiing in South America is Chile. One of the biggest and best resorts in the country is Portillo. Located high in the Andes Mountains , this resort offers both excellent ski slopes and beautiful views.

Valle Nevado, Chile

For many international travelers, Valle Nevado is a popular ski resort in Chile as it is located only 35 miles from the Santiago International Airport. After Portillo, it is one of the most popular ski resorts in the country.

Termas de Chillan, Chile

Some ski enthusiasts are looking for the entire ski resort experience, not just the slopes. If that sounds like you, check out Termas de Chillan, a complete ski and spa center. This resort is also known for cross country skiing and dog sled tours.

Mount Hood, Oregon

Back in North America, skiing in September can be extremely rare. One option skiers have is to make last minute plans for skiing depending on the conditions. There have been many years where skiing is a possibility in Mount Hood, Oregon in September. Check local conditions before booking a trip.

Coronet Peak, New Zealand

An alternative for skiing in September in South America is to head to a different part of the southern hemisphere: New Zealand. Here ski enthusiasts can hit the slopes for the ski season that lasts from June through October. While August is the peak month to ski, there are still options during September.

European Glacial Skiing

One last option for skiers that are determined to strap on their skis during September is to check out European glacial skiing. There are several glaciers in the Alps in France and Austria that offer glacial skiing this early in the season.


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