Best beach vacations in July

July is prime summer beach vacation time. Even Canada gets into the beach act. From northern North America to the Caribbean, you can find all kinds of beachy goodness for a summer vacation to remember.

  1. Scott's Head, Dominica

    Scott's Head is one of three marine reserves in this area, and July just happens to be the time of the Dominica Dive Fest. You can have a great time diving from the Cachacrou Peninsula, which is made by part of the lip of an extinct volcanic crater rising out of the water.

  2. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Santo Domingo goes absolutely crazy during July because of the Meringue Festival. If you love to dance, this is the time to do so. There's just something about beaches that lends itself to dancing, and this is the best time to dance with 100,000 of your new best friends.

  3. Grand Strand, South Carolina

    One of the best beach vacations in July consists of renting a place in the "arrogantly shabby" area called Pawley's Island. Litchfield Beach gives you everything Myrtle Beach does, only without having all the crowds caused by being well known. Who needs the crowds when you've got a great beach to relax on?

  4. British Virgin Islands

    July brings with it the usual things you can do in the Virgin Islands, including snorkeling, kayaking or just lying around on any beach in the area. But the Highland Spring HIHO Race brings on more than a week of wind surfing and catamaran races, not to mention the accompanying race parties.

  5. Montego Bay, Jamaica

    They say the water in this area glimmers like silver if you look at it from just the right angle. As if that perennial attraction weren't here, M-Bay hosts Reggae Sumfest in July, which brings some incredible music. Since this is the birthplace of reggae, every artist brings their A game.

  6. Rye, New Hampshire

    Rye has gorgeous beaches, where the sand is the color of caramel. You can even get in some decent surfing here if you're interested. Plus, the food is amazing, considering the abundance of both lobster and rockfish in the area.

  7. Grand Cayman

    One of the best beach vacations in July happens right off Seven Mile Beach, where the water visibility stretches out to 200 feet and the weather is perfect. You'd think it'd be really hot, but the breezes keep the temperature moderate. The water here is the most amazing shade of electric blue, too.

  8. Tofino, Canada

    Canadian beaches don't really get warm in the water, but Vancouver's Tofino actually does an okay job. At 50 degrees, the water's a great way to cool off as the days get hot. The 12 miles of beach rimmed by pine trees and the distinctive mix of pine and salt water smells are a really special experience that most beaches just can't give you.

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