Best Beach Vacations in April

April is the turning point between the northern and southern hemispheres. The best beach vacations in April are beginning to move northward, as Europe and North America warm up with the spring season. While some beaches are year-round favorites, April is one of the most transitional months of the year. If you're on a budget and based in the United States, this is when you can start to stay in the country to experience a great time on the beach.


April means the Round-the-Island Easter Regatta, and that means tons of partying and plenty of ocean activities to watch this month. The best beach is Grand Anse Beach, the longest and loveliest stretch of sand on the entire island.

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Saint Thomas

April means Carnival time on this island, and that means a ton of partying. It also means parades, a steel drum contest, and three weeks of unabashed hedonism capped off with a fireworks display. If the beach ever gets old, head to Charlotte Amalie's downtown area.

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Cape Hatteras, NC

Pamlico Sound starts to get windy in April as warm weather begins to assert itself - you might be able to leave the window of your rental open at night. Throw on a wetsuit and enjoy the lack of vacation crowds, since the slightly chilly water scares away some visitors. Avon beach is the place you want to be, and this is a great time to try kite surfing if you haven't before.

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One of the best beach vacations in April happens in April during the Classic Yacht Regatta, when you have an excuse to take in historical sites like Nelson's Dockyard. April brings all kinds of tall ships and yachts, and a ride on one gives you an awesome view of the more than 300 beaches Antigua boasts.

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Malibu, CA

Your best options are to play some beach volleyball, go whale watching in Santa Monica Bay, or take in some surfing on a beautifully white beach called Zuma. Nothing fancy - just simple California surfing.

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Saint Barts

The Caribbean Film Festival happens in April, which is a fun little diversion. When that gets old, try on Anse de Grande Saline, the longest beach on the entire island. Saint Barts is known for being very French and extremely high-class, so feel free to let the posh atmosphere get to you a little.

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Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo is a great beach to try on if you love a little wildness in your beaches. Fringed with jungle, the seas are just a little calmer in April, which lets you practice your surfing even if you're just starting out. After a great day of surfing, retire to your rental and let the constant reggae drift through an open window.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is starting to cool a little in April, but that just means it isn't insanely hot. One of the best city beaches on earth, Copacabana, is right here waiting for you.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Standing tall among the best beach vacations in April, Fort Lauderdale's Blue Wave Beach is a great place to watch people with serious sea skills do their thing, or just watch the waves roll in and out and ponder life's mysteries. Head back to your rental to throw on something a little fancier and hit the Las Olas Riverfront and its many night clubs and nice restaurants.

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Kiawah Island, SC

The marshes are a great place to go bicycling around if you want to get a scenic and exciting trip in. Later, head to Charleston when you feel like hitting a cafe.

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