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  • Romantic getaways in April

    In April, your dreams of a romantic vacation may be easily spoiled by hordes of rowdy students on spring break. But if you follow these suggestions, you'll be guaranteed some alone time. Here are our tips for romantic getaways in April.

  • Best Beach Vacations in April

    April is the turning point between the northern and southern hemispheres. The best beach vacations in April are beginning to move northward, as Europe and North America warm up with the spring season. While some beaches are year-round favorites, April is o…

  • 10 Best Vacations in April

    When April showers start paving the way for May flowers back home, it is the perfect time to hit the road. Spring, with winter cold long gone and summer heat not turned up yet, is gorgeous in many places. Throw in flowers and fresh air, and the fact that y…