Theirs is a tale of two halves that make up the whole story. Of a little girl whose beloved dog is left behind when the family goes on vacation. But without Biscuit, Emma’s family—and her vacation—won’t be complete.

Meet Emma and Biscuit, the stars of HomeAway’s new TV campaign

Two TV spots, one starring Emma and the other Biscuit, bring to life the joy of a whole vacation with the entire family, no matter how you define your family: parents and children, grandparents, cousins, old friends, best friends, and sometimes even furry friends like Biscuit. The music of singer/songwriter Natalie Prass sets the tone for the adventures of Emma and Biscuit, shot on location at a HomeAway vacation home.

“A vacation rental is at the heart of a whole vacation experience—it provides space and privacy to truly bond and create lasting memories,” says HomeAway’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mariano Dima. “If the walls of HomeAway vacation rentals could talk, they’d tell 10 years worth of tales of dinners, dance parties, laughter-filled conversations, and other experiences that can only be fully appreciated if you’re staying in a vacation rental.”

Back to the story—will Emma and Biscuit reunite for a whole vacation?

Click below to watch their stories play out.

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