Myrtle Beach Senior Week

Every year there is one week in Myrtle Beach that is especially festive: Senior Week. This annual event brings students together to celebrate their graduation at the beach. Myrtle Beach Senior Week is known for beach activities, water sports, and nightlife too. Book a vacation rental with all your friends right on the beach and you will be set to celebrate all of your hard work with some well-deserved relaxation. This event attracts graduating high school students (average ages range from 16 through 19) from South Carolina and beyond to the sandy shores of Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach Senior Week The 2012 Senior Week

Myrtle Beach Senior Week is an annual event that coincides with the week after high school graduation (the dates change slightly every year). Activities are split into two categories: day activities and nighttime entertainment. The big daytime events all take place at the beach and include sunbathing, beach volleyball, and water sports. While the day activities are fun, it is really the nightlife that attracts so many graduating seniors. Nightclubs have a policy of allowing people in who are ages 18 and over. Unlike other beach destinations that require a minimum age of 21, graduating seniors can come to Myrtle Beach and dance the night away in bars and clubs.

Consider This

Myrtle Beach Senior Week is an annual event, which means that the people of Myrtle Beach are used to large numbers of students arriving at one time. The result of the years has resulted in a few rules. Don't be surprised if a cash deposit is required for your vacation rental. A cash deposit - sometimes of a specific amount per person inhabiting the rental - is required to encourage best behavior. Every vacation rental owner will have his or her own criteria for renting to students. Some owners might require that all people in the house be 18 years old, while others won't be strict about age. Inquire directly with owners to get the details.

Additional Entertainment

The Myrtle Beach Senior Week isn't only about sunbathing and partying. Students come here to celebrate their achievements in a big group, taking advantage of local entertainment. Myrtle Beach has many things to do including miniature golf, excellent outlet shopping, and soaking up the environment of the famous Strip . There are also many fun restaurants that are appealing to recent graduates including the Hard Rock Cafe , Planet Hollywood , and House of Blues . If you plan on eating with a very big group, be sure to call the restaurant ahead of time and reserve a table.

Things to Do at the Beach

Beyond sunbathing and playing volleyball, there are many things to do at Myrtle Beach. If you want to get a little exercise, head out on a kayaking or fishing excursion. For an adrenaline-inducing afternoon, try water sports like parasailing, jet skiing, and banana boat rides. There are also several water parks in the area, including Myrtle Waves, as well as amusements, games, and rides. For a night away from partying, check out the local IMAX theater .

Vacation Rentals

Many students celebrating Senior Week in Myrtle Beach are drawn to vacation rentals for several reasons. Choosing a Myrtle Beach rental allows all of your friends to be together in one place, instead of spread out through several hotel rooms. A rental also provides a living room where you can hang out and socialize. Students that are concerned about budget will find rentals appealing for the convenience of a kitchen. Stock your fridge with everything you will need for a week at the beach and you can keep your expenses down. With a variety of sizes and amenities, you'll likely find a rental perfect for your group.


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