Isle of Palms Monthly Rentals

Are you in need of an extended vacation? Sure, a week can be great for relaxing, but most travelers are never ready to return after this short period. If you're thinking of planning a longer trip, look into Isle of Palms monthly rentals. Whether you're looking to escape a northern winter or make the most of summer vacations, monthly rentals in Isle of Palms South Carolina might just tempt you into making your extended vacation dream a reality.

Great Value

isle-of-palm-jungle-gym-smaller.jpgOn the long list of reasons as to why vacation rentals are superior to hotels is great value. This value becomes even better when you choose Isle of Palms monthly rentals over weekly rentals. Many owners prefer for one person or family to rent their property for longer periods of time, instead of dealing with multiple guests. Expect a significant discount when booking for a month or more, leaving you with even more money for your trip.

Work on Your Golf Game

When you choose monthly rentals in Isle of Palms, you will have endless opportunities for working on your golf game (Wild Dunes Resort is a great place to start). Some visitors to Isle of Palms struggle with squeezing everything into one week, but over the course of a month, you will be able to get a taste of everything this destination has to offer. Besides playing a few rounds of 18, you can also take golf lessons to improve your game.

Home Away From Home

sand-shells.jpgIf you're planning an extended trip, odds are you're looking for comfort and relaxation while away from home. Nothing delivers this feeling better than a cozy vacation rental that feels like home. When looking for Isle of Palms monthly rentals, keep your eye out for any amenity that will make you feel at home. Every visitor will have their own criteria, but some popular amenities include outdoor space, a barbecue, wireless Internet, and a soaking tub.

Bring the Whole Family

When you choose monthly rentals in Isle of Palms, you might be surprised just who wants to join you. A monthly rental is a great way to catch up with friends and family who can drop in for a few days at a time to enjoy your vacation rental with you. If you have a pet you want to bring along, many options are pet-friendly. Some hotels either charge an outrageous fee for pets or don't welcome them at all.

You might love your rental so much, that you return to it for the same month every year!

Long-term Isle of Palms Rentals

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3 - 8  Night Minimum Stay
3 BR, 2 BA, Sleeps 8


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3  Night Minimum Stay
1 BR, 1 BA, Sleeps 6


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3  Night Minimum Stay
2 BR, 2 BA, Sleeps 6


3 - 30  Night Minimum Stay
3 BR, 3 BA, Sleeps 8


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3 - 7  Night Minimum Stay
6 BR, 6 BA, Sleeps 14