Sebago Lake Fishing Tips

Need a relaxing vacation? Nothing is quite as serene as a fishing vacation, except maybe a fishing vacation in Maine. Gorgeous scenery will serve as the perfect backdrop to a Sebago Lake fishing vacation. The only thing that can make this vacation even more relaxing is staying in a vacation rental right on the lake, so you can have plenty of space and a place to cook the fish at the end of the day. Before you throw your fishing rods in the car, there are a few things to know in advance. Keep reading for some Sebago Lake fishing tips that could make all the difference in your upcoming trip.

Types of Fish

activities_fishing_man_boy.jpgFor some travelers, one of the most important determining factors for a fishing trip is what is available to catch. When you plan a trip to Sebago Lake, Maine you can expect a variety of fish to show up at the end of your fishing line, including trout, striped bass, catfish, walleye, largemouth bass, landlocked salmon, and more. If you're looking to catch a specific kind of fish, one of the best possible Sebago Lake fishing tips is to continue to do your research; individual fish are more populous at different times of the year.

Sebago Lake Basics

Before you cast your line, it is good have an introduction to your surroundings. Sebago Lake covers an area of 45 square miles and is over 300 feet deep at its deepest point, maintaining excellent natural conditions for fish. Experienced fishermen will notice that the visibility in this lake is much better than other options in Maine. Each year over 80,000 anglers plan a trip to Sebago Lake, many sharing a common purpose: catching a prize fish. Between salmon and lake trout, there are many opportunities to catch a large, prize-winning fish. With fish up to 25 pounds in weight, fishing in Sebago Lake can be full of thrills.

Seasonal Fluctuations

sebago-lake-fish.jpgOf all Sebago Lake fishing tips, it is important to do your research on seasonal fluctuations. For example, if you're looking to do some fishing in winter, there are several types of fish still available in this off season, including whitefish, cusk, and smelt. However, the lake is closed to salmon fishing during the winter season. This precaution is taken to preserve the salmon population. In order for the salmon population to continue to thrive, all fishermen are asked for their compliance during the winter season.

The Fine Print

Fishermen should be aware that licenses are required in order to fish in Sebago Lake. You can secure one in several ways. First, you can purchase one in advance of your trip online, or if you decide to sign up with a tour guide, the guide will most likely take care of all paperwork. The population of some types of fish in Sebago Lake is maintained by the state, but one fish that does not belong (that was introduced illegally and could be damaging to the ecosystem) is the northern pike. If you catch this fish, you are advised not to throw it back. As one of the best known lakes in the country for landlocked salmon fishing, Sebago Lake is a must visit for serious anglers.

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