Many travelers are drawn to the idea of a trip to Miami, but don't know where to start. One question that is often asked is Miami Beach vs. South Beach lodging? If you're new to this section of South Florida, you might not know the difference between these two names, or what type of atmosphere they offer. With a little more research, you will find your perfect match for a vacation rental in Miami that suits all of your travel preferences.

What Is South Beach?

Technically, South Beach is a part of Miami Beach. The barrier island that runs along the coast of downtown Miami is called Miami Beach, and the southernmost tip of this island is South Beach. If you're planning a trip to Miami, it isn't often a question of Miami Beach vs. South Beach, but of what you want to do during your vacation.

South Beach is considered to be about 20 blocks on the southernmost reaches of Miami Beach. This part of the island is home to beautiful Art Deco architecture, every imaginable designer boutique, and world famous nightlife. This is the part of Miami Beach where the action lives. If you want to play beach volleyball and eat at famous restaurants like Joe's Stone Crab, you will want to plan a vacation to South Beach.

What Is Miami Beach?

Miami Beach is a more general term. South Beach is a part of Miami Beach, but Miami Beach extends further north than the boundaries of South Beach. This area of the barrier island is known for being more residential and peaceful than bustling South Beach. One factor that often makes the decision of Miami Beach vs. South Beach is price. South Beach is one of the most expensive destinations in all of South Florida.

If you're looking for a little more value in your trip, you might want to consider Miami Beach. Other areas are still just as luxurious and offer stunning beaches, but are slightly less crowded. South Beach is also primarily a place for young people, while you will find more families enjoying the sun and surf of beaches located farther north. If you want to do some shopping, check out Bal Harbour shops, one of the most famous malls in Miami.

Choosing Between Miami Beach and South Beach

An important thing to remember is where you choose to stay isn't where you need to spend all of your time. Many travelers choose Miami Beach for value and a peaceful atmosphere, and are only a short ride away from the nightclubs of South Beach. If on the other hand you're planning a trip to experience the glamorous side of Miami, you will want to choose a vacation rental right in South Beach.

There are many attractions in South Beach that make it the most popular part of greater Miami Beach. Lincoln Road, a pedestrianized road in South Beach, is famous for its people watching, late dining, and jazz bars. The area south of Fifth Street is particularly busy at night, attracting people who want to experience Miami's famed nightlife. From the hip and hot to the relaxed and serene, each of these places in Miami has its own appeal. Once you decide what you have in mind for your vacation, you can narrow down your options between the two.

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