Offbeat Water Activities in Fort Myers

Fort Myers Beach attracts sunbathers from far and wide to its sugar-sand shoreline and party-like atmosphere, but what is there to do after you burn out on soaking up the bright Florida rays? Fort Myers may not have the towering waves that surfers flock to along the Atlantic coast, but there is no shortage of aquatic activities here. So put down that rum runner and splash in the warm Gulf Coast waters.



It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a parasailer! If you’ve never ventured high above the sea level on a parasail, you are in store for a treat at Fort Myers Beach. Hop on with a friend or take to the sky solo to view the beach from a seagulls’ vantage point on a parasail. You’ll have no problem finding a place along the beach to fly high in the clouds, just head over to the main strip. Once you’re on board the boat, they’ll strap you in and get the motor running. The ocean breeze lifts you up so you’ll have a picturesque view of the Fort Myers strip as well as Naples in the distance. Ask to be dipped into the water at the end – it’s a refreshing way to end your journey!


While you can’t go traditional surfing in Fort Myers, you can surf along the coastline on a skim board. You’ll see tons of people cruising past you ripping through the waves. You might want to leave it to the pros to do headstands or fly through the air, but simply jumping on the board can be just as thrilling. If you’ve never skimboarded before, you may want to head toward the south or very north end of the island where the beaches aren’t as crowded. This way, you won’t risk running into someone or being embarrassed after you fall – and you probably will!


Stand up Paddleboarding has become incredibly popular, especially in areas like Fort Myers where the waters are calm enough to relax and paddle along the shoreline. Plus, it’s a great way to view some of the region’s wildlife. Take a look below while you’re paddling and you may just spot a dolphin, manatee or sting ray in the water. Despite the appearance that the sport is a breeze, you’ll be working some muscles to propel yourself along the surface of the water. Check out Soul Standup Paddle Board Adventures or West Coast Paddle Board.


*Banner Image from M.M.Meeks

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