What to Do in Disney When it Rains

A rainy day in Disney doesn't have to be a wash out. Families who are prepared with some alternative entertainment might just discover that rain in Disney can actually be fun. You don't have to worry about what to do in Disney when it rains; from throwing on a poncho and braving the rain to a large range of indoor activities, your kids will still love every minute spent in Disney. You might actually find that instead of rushing from ride to attraction to activity, the rain allows you to slow down and enjoy your trip.

don't let a rainy day ruin your fun on vacation

Brave the Rain, Beat the Crowds

Sure, there are plenty of indoor things to do in Disney when it rains, but one of the best things to do is brave the rain. Bring along ponchos or rain jackets and you might be surprised that you feel like a kid all over again being out in the rain and not worrying about getting wet. While some rides in the amusement parks close, many do not, especially those that are indoors. The best part is that so many people will be worried about what to do in Disney when it rains, that the lines in the amusement parks will be basically nonexistent .

Downtown Disney

If you need a break from the amusement parks, there's still plenty of entertainment in Disney when it rains. Check out DisneyQuest at Downtown Disney, a five-story indoor interactive theme park where your kids will be happy to play and explore all day long. Other ways to enjoy Downtown Disney include relaxing over a leisurely lunch, enjoying a little retail therapy in the local shops, or seeing what other concerts, festivals, and entertainment Downtown Disney has up its sleeve.

Learning is Fun

The best part about Disney when it rains is encouraging you to try new things. During a sunny trip to Disney, you might not take the time to visit the Florida Aquarium , for example, but this is the perfect rainy day activity. Your kids will love the opportunity to encounter the sea life in the aquarium, and the variety of exhibits can keep them entertained for hours. Instead of being annoyed about what to do in Disney when it rains, having a list of these fun indoor activities will keep the buzz of the vacation going. Other great attractions include the Orlando Science Center, Disney's Wide World of Sports , and the World Golf Hall of Fame .

Utilize Your Vacation Rental

While of course you could explore the Orlando Science Center or the World Golf Hall of Fame, sometimes the best quality family time is spent at home. Choosing a vacation rental in Orlando will give you the option to relax at home in comfort. Every family member can relax in his or her own way, whether that means watching a movie, reading a book, or listening to music. A rainy day could be the perfect opportunity for cooking a favorite family recipe or breaking out your favorite board game. As long as you're spending time together, that's the important thing - not the weather!

After experiencing a rainy day in Disney, your definition of the perfect day in Disney might be changed for good.

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