Disney World Halloween vs Christmas

When it comes to the Disney World Halloween vs Christmas "debate," there really is no universal winner. But for your particular crew, there is. Choosing the right of time of year to travel to Disney World can be a difficult decision. There are many factors to consider, including the weather, your family's preferences, and price. Two popular times to plan a trip to Disney World are Halloween and Christmas. Both have their perks, so how should you choose between the two? Keep reading for some information that might help you choose between these two holidays for your upcoming Disney World vacation.

Consider the Weather

what-to-do-on-halloween-in-panama-city-beach.jpgWhen it comes Disney World Halloween vs. Christmas, the weather is a strong consideration. October offers spectacular weather in Orlando, with average highs at 85 degrees and lows at 66 degrees. This means you can enjoy the sunshine during the day and be comfortable in costumes at night. The temperatures are usually not too hot, allowing for pleasant days in the parks, even if they are crowded.

In December, temperatures are considerably cooler than October. The average high in Orlando is 73 degrees while the average low is 53 degrees. Families that want to avoid any sort of heat might prefer this range of temperatures, offering comfortable days in the parks with just a light jacket. For people already experiencing the harsh winter weather up north, it can be lovely to escape to these nice temperatures around the holidays.

What's Right for Your Family

disney_world_tree_lights.jpgEach family will have a specific time of year that suits them best to visit Disney World. Does your family look forward to Halloween each year, often planning out costumes in advance? If so, you might want to head to Disney World this year and participate in a trick-or-treat session around the Magic Kingdom while wearing your costume. There's also a Halloween parade and Disney characters are dressed in Halloween costumes. Enjoy events like Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, the Boo-to-You Halloween Parade, and other fun events.

Disney World puts on an incredible show for all holidays, and Christmas is no exception. If you're looking to plan an especially memorable Christmas, head to Disney World and join in on Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. Festivities during December include a Christmas parade with an appearance from Santa, a magical snowfall on Main Street U.S.A in the Magic Kingdom, holiday fireworks, and more.


Families that are concerned about budget should check out the prices for visiting Disney World at Halloween or at Christmas. Prices for flights always jump when schools are closed, and are particularly high over the holidays when flights are full due to so many people traveling to visit friends and family. Unless you book far in advance, expect to pay a premium to travel to Orlando during the holidays.

Travel to Orlando in October is usually more reasonable. Schools don't typically close for Halloween (although some years it does fall on the weekend of course). If you're looking for the more affordable option, flights and accommodation are usually at normal prices during late October and early November. If you plan in advance, you could find great deals. For the cheapest prices, you might want to fly early on the morning of Halloween Day. You will arrive just in time for the major action.

Disney World Vacation Rentals

disney_world_mickey_mouse_pumpkin.jpgA Halloween or Christmas trip to Disney World will be complete with the right vacation rental. At Halloween, look for a vacation rental with a pool and take advantage of the warm days for a little swimming. If you're visiting at Christmas, look for a rental with an extra big living room where you can continue family traditions in your new "home away from home." Whatever time of the year you visit, a rental will add value, space, and privacy to your Orlando adventure.

Now that you know which side of the "Disney World Halloween vs Christmas" debate you're on, you can plan and book your stay!

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