Best Disney World Tips for First Timers

If you're planning a first trip to Disney World, you might be a little overwhelmed. Don't worry; with a little advance research and planning you will be able to navigate Disney World like an old pro.

When it comes to the best Disney World tips for first timers, being prepared is half the battle. Before you even board the plane, have a loose itinerary planned out. It helps to know what you want to see and what isn't at the top of your list. Staying focused is one of the best Disney World tips first timers.

Theme Parks


There's a reason it's called Disney World! There is an incredible variety to see! Some first time visitors don't know that Disney World is made up of several amusement parks that aren't all next to each other and don't all take the same tickets. One of the best Disney World tips for first timers is to set your sights on two or three amusement parks and purchase a ticket package for those parks. The classic park is the Magic Kingdom, and all first time visitors should begin their Disney experience there. Even better, get a park hopper ticket and you can go to and from all the parks with the free Disney shuttles.

Accommodations and Transportation

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Choosing Disney vacation rentals over hotels (especially those at expensive Disney resorts) will definitely save you money, but what first timers don't know is that they also offer great amenities. If you want to spend a morning away from the amusement parks, why not enjoy some sunbathing at the pool of your condo complex? While some hotels charge for parking, most vacation rentals include parking in the nightly rate. From your vacation rental, you can drive to any of the amusement parks. Parking rates aren't too steep, but keep in mind that parking lots are huge, and it is important to remember what row you parked the car in.

Nightly Entertainment

The magic of Disney comes alive after the sun has set. Rides take on a whole new experience when you climb aboard in the dark, and night often brings parades and fireworks to Disney, too. Find out which theme parks are boasting extra magic hours, meaning the rides and entertainment extend much later, often to midnight. One of the best Disney World tips first timers is not to skip the evening entertainment. Even though it most likely has been a long day exploring the theme parks, the nightly entertainment will reinvigorate you. There are many restaurants right in the theme park where you can grab dinner before watching the electric light parade or the fireworks spectacular. Buy event tickets and make dinner reservations well in advance, or else you may miss out.

Learn the Secrets

One of the best Disney World tips for first timers is to learn the helpful insider tips of theme parks. Fast passes help visitors to reserve a spot in line at the biggest attractions. This way you don't spend all of your time standing in line and never enjoying the rides. By knowing how to best take advantage of the system, you can maximize your time in Disney World.

Make a List of Must-See Attractions


Another of the best Disney World tips first timers is to make a list of the attractions you can't miss. If you're spending say three or four days in Disney World, these attractions should be planned into the very beginning of your day. In the early morning hours, lines are the shortest. This way if you have all of your must-see attractions scheduled, you won't go home disappointed. From Epcot to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios to Animal Kingdom, some rides will pique your interest more than others.

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Beyond Disney

There is so much to do in Orlando beyond Disney's parks. Check out Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If you want to swim with dolphins, Discovery Cove is the perfect location.


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