Top 10 Ghost Tours in the US

Get ready to be spooked!

  1. New Orleans, LA

    Haunted History Tours, New Orleans
    Haunted History Tours; Photo courtesy of

    See the Haunted Mansion on Royal Street, where the victims of criminal Delphine LaLaurie are said to still scream and cry at night. This is one of the top 10 ghost tours in the U.S., so visit the home on Dauphine Street and hear the story of the Sultan’s ghost. If it’s a rainy evening, listen closely for the sound of Pere Dagobert, the French monk whose singing is said to haunt New Orleans rain.

  2. Gettysburg, PA

    Gettysburg Cannon
    Gettysburg Cannon; Photo courtesy of J. Todd Poling

    • Tour: The Ghosts of Gettysburg Tour
    • Hair-Raising Because: History comes alive (or at least undead) through the ghosts of America’s past as you stroll the picturesque area in candlelight.
    • Close To: The historic battlefield in Gettysburg.

    The charming fields all around Gettysburg (near Chesapeake) have seen thousands of ghostly sightings in the centuries since the critical battle that turned the tide in the Civil War. Scores of soldiers have been spotted, moving in formation across the fields where they died. In a building on Carlisle Street, an elevator once took two people back in time to the site of a Civil War hospital where patients writhed in pain. Late at night, on the steps of the County Courthouse, a wounded soldier can still be seen. As a result, this is considered one of the top 10 ghost tours in the U.S.

  3. Salem, MA

    Salem, Mass.
    Downtown Salem; Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Albert

    • Tour: Salem Witch Walk
    • Hair-Raising Because: It’s run by actual witches.
    • Close To: The Salem Witch Museum on Washington Square North.

    Back in 1692, something happened here in the charming east coast village of Salem, Massachusetts. Nineteen townspeople were accused of witchcraft and put to death. Were they witches or falsely and horribly accused? Today, the Salem Witch Walk gives tours of the spooky sights in town and tells the story from the witches’ perspective, including a magic circle, a tour of the most haunted graveyard in America, and lessons about spells and charms.

  4. Harpers Ferry, WV

    St. Peter's Catholic Church, Harpers Ferry
    St. Peters Catholic Church; Photo courtesy of Teresa

    • Tour: Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry
    • Hair-Raising Because: This is the oldest ghost tour in America, having scared the pants off visitors for more than 40 years.
    • Close To: All the sights of Washington D.C.

    This pretty town West Virginia changed hands eight times during the Civil War, and it was the site of the critical Battle of Harpers Ferry. On this popular ghost tour, you’ll hear about St. Peters Catholic Church, once a hospital for wounded soldiers. People today say they still hear the words of a wounded solider, saying “Thank God I am saved” coming from the church’s threshold. See if you can spot the lights twinkling on Maryland Heights at night, said to be the ghostly campfires of the One Hundred Day Men, all killed in an explosion in 1861.

  5. Tombstone, AZ

    Gunfight at the OK Corral
    Gunfight at the OK Corral; Photo courtesy of BBC World Services

    Site of the shootout at the O.K. Corral, and the world famous Boot Hill Cemetery, the Tombstone Gunfighter and Ghost Tour takes you to the ten most haunted places in this one tiny near-ghost town. Those sights include the corner of Fifth and Allen Streets, where more than 30 gunfighters lost their lives, and the Bird Cage Theatre, which is said to be the most haunted building in the country, home to the spirits of showgirls and cowboys and the 14 people who were shot to death inside. This lore makes it part of one of the top 10 ghost tours in the U.S.

  6. New York City

    East Village Balcony, New York City
    East Village Balcony; Photo courtesy of Ming Xia

    • Tour: Ghosts of New York
    • Hair-Raising Because: New York is star-studded. Even its ghosts are famous.
    • Close To: Everything. It’s New York City, after all!

    For every New York neighborhood you care to explore, there are ghosts and chilling ghost stories. Go to the East Village and search for the ghosts of Edgar Allan Poe and Harry Houdini. Ghost hunt in Greenwich Village with the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt. Head to Brooklyn Heights in search of the ghosts of Walt Whitman and Jackie Robinson or wander Lower Manhattan looking for the spirits of Captain Kidd and Alexander Hamilton. New York may, indeed, be the city that never sleeps; and after one of these terrifying tours, you may understand why it’s one of the top 10 ghost tours in the U.S.

  7. Catalina Island, CA

    Avalon, Catalina Island
    Avalon; Photo courtesy of Ipotatol

    • Tour: The Original Ghost Tours of Catalina
    • Hair-Raising Because: The village of Avalon was actually built on top of an ancient burial ground and features a famous ghost.
    • Close To: Los Angeles (26 miles across the sea).

    Every ghost tour has ghosts, but this ghost tour on Catalina Island has a famous ghost! An island resident says he has seen the ghost of Western author Zane Gray smoking near the Via Casino. The casino itself is a popular stop for ghost hunters, who been able to record whispers and spirit orbs on the site.

  8. Seattle, WA

    Pike Place Market, Seattle
    Pike Place Market; Photo courtesy of Michael Noirot

    • Tour: Market Ghost Tour.
    • Hair-Raising Because: Who knew that Seattle had such a bloody past?
    • Close To: The heart of Seattle at the Pike Place Market.

    The area around the famous Pike Place Market isn’t only a great place to shop. It is also home to Seattle’s first mortuary, an old brothel and a graveyard. Take this tour and hear about the ghost of Chief Seattle’s daughter Angeline, who haunts the Market building. Learn about the Market Theater, where you can still hear the laughter of ghost orphans. Have lunch at Kell’s Irish Bar, said to be the most haunted pub in America.

  9. Savannah, GA

    Hearse Ghost Tours, Savannah
    Hearse Ghost Tours; Photo courtesy of

    • Tour: Hearse Ghost Tours
    • Hair-Raising Because: You actually ride around town in a hearse.
    • Close To: The gorgeous, Historic District in Savannah.

    Savannah’s Historic District is full of beautiful and stately old homes; but apparently, many of them are haunted! You’ll visit the Pirate’s House on Broad Street, which is one of the oldest buildings in Savanna, and you’ll hear about drunk and bullying ghosts spotted in the basement and on the second floor. You’ll also see the Olde Pink House, where the ghosts of its former owner and some its former slaves are still said to roam.

  10. Boston, MA

    Skull & Crossbones, King's Chapel Burying Ground, Boston
    Skull & Crossbones Headstone, King's Chapel Burying Ground; Photo courtesy of Rob Shenk

    • Tour: Haunted Boston Ghost Tours
    • Hair-Raising Because: Boston has such a long history of hauntings, from colonial times to today.
    • Close To: All the historic sites in the heart of Boston.

    Ghost tours of Boston include some historic graveyards. The King's Chapel Burying Ground in downtown Boston has seen restless spirits roam since the headstones were moved back in 1810. At the Central Burying Ground in the Boston Common, ghosts of some of the city’s poor and forgotten children have been spotted as recently as this century.