New Year's Eve Vacation Rentals

Are you tired of the same old New Years parties? If so, it's time to make your own fun. When you choose New Years Eve vacation rentals, you can enjoy all the pleasures of somewhere exotic, while also soaking up the comforts of home. People travel near and far to ring in the new year, satisfying cravings for warm sunshine, ski slopes, or a secluded retreat. Whatever strikes your fancy, you'll be sure to remember how the year got started when you choose New Years Eve vacation rentals.

1. New York City

Some travelers prefer the bustle of a city for celebrating the beginning of a new year. Don't be stuck in a cramped hotel in New York City; instead, choose a vacation rental where you can live the life of a local during your trip. This travel strategy will allow you to explore new neighborhoods while also providing a place to rest your feet after pounding the pavement.

2. Miami, Florida


If you prefer a warm city to one that might be covered in snow, head south to Miami, Florida. Here you can soak up the sun during the day and party all night. By choosing New Years Eve vacation rentals, you also open the door to throwing your own New Year's bash. Why not choose a rental big enough to accommodate some friends, and throw a big dinner party with champagne?

3. Poconospoconos.jpg

After all the craziness of the holiday season, you might be looking for a cozy retreat to celebrate New Year's. If this describes you, be sure to check out cabin rentals in the Poconos. Many people living in the northeast choose the Poconos because they are an easy drive from home, yet feel a million miles away. Surround yourself with snow-covered pine trees and a crackling fire.

4. Lake Tahoe

Winter enthusiasts get a couple days away from work and their thoughts turn to one thing: skiing. One of the best places for New Years rentals if you have your sights set on skiing is Lake Tahoe. Here the whole family can enjoy stunning views and comfortable cabins for celebrating the New Year, but also can fill their days with fun activities like skiing and sledding.

5. Hilton Head, South Carolinahilton-head.jpg

You don't have to ski to stay active over the holidays; how about golf instead? Planning a New Year's trip to Hilton Head will place golf courses and golden beaches right at your fingertips. Vacation rentals in Hilton Head offer the atmosphere of a quiet retreat with incredible amenities like shopping, dining, and golf courses nearby. This destination will satisfy the whole family.




6. Vermont

If you're looking for a ski destination close to home, check out the variety of vacation rentals in Vermont. Some travelers want to plan a trip that maintains the spirit of the holidays: the snow, the twinkling lights, and cups of hot cocoa at the end of the day. This atmosphere is exactly what you will find in Vermont. Spend a day on the slopes and then ring in the New Year with family and friends in a private gathering.




7. South Padre Island, Texas

s-padre.jpgSome travelers are nostalgic for the holiday spirit while others just want to escape the winter cold in exchange for some sunshine. If this sounds like you, trade the snow for the sun in South Padre Island, Texas. A vacation rental here will provide access to sugary beaches and water sports. Why not ring in the New Year with a barbecue on your private deck overlooking the ocean?

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