Top 7 New Year’s Eve Destinations

It happens every year: New Year’s Eve Overkill. The year’s biggest party night is over-hyped for months. The hotels are overbooked, drinks are overpriced, theme dinners are overdone, and the cheap decorations are, well, over-the-top. In fact, you’re so over ringing in the New Year with a bunch of tipsy strangers in drab hotel lobbies that you’ve threatened to park it on the couch next December 31st with your pals, Dick Clark and Ben & Jerry. And it’s only March. Instead of planning a pity party, consider renting a vacation home in a cool city and ringing in the New Year from a different vantage point. Who knows? It may change the next 365 days for the better (or at least more than the ‘good luck’ brought by last year’s can of black-eyed peas). Now for the countdown…

New York City, New York

It may be obvious but there’s a reason so many people choose to celebrate the New Year in the city that never sleeps. Why not rent a slick downtown condo right in the middle of Times Square? Watch the ball drop from your private balcony that overlooks the festivities. Drink some bubbly and have an aerial view of the chaotic masses while you stay warm inside your deluxe Big Apple condo.


Las Vegas, Nevada Plan to kick off the New Year in Las Vegas Nevada.

What happens there stays there, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. Play your cards right and rent a vacation house just minutes from the Strip. Test your luck at the tables and then retire early to your Vegas rental. Relax in a Jacuzzi hot tub while the resort tourists lose their money and their minds. You’ll be ahead of the game and feeling refreshed in the New Year by the time most Vegas visitors are getting to bed. 

New Orleans, Louisiana

Channel your inner voodoo and let your positive vibes summon the New Year. If you’re picturing the frat fest that is Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras, think again. Consider renting a quaint New Orleans condo in the heart of the French Quarter. Enjoy a quiet Cajun meal, then relax in the historic gated courtyard outside your rental, safe from the outside revelers. In the morning have a cup of café au lait and toast to feeling well rested and hangover-free. 


Visit Los Angeles California for the New Year's celebration.

Los Angeles, California

New Year’s Eve is other-worldly in the city of angels. Host your own low-key soiree in a gorgeous 1920’s Bel Aire villa once occupied by Valentino. (Claim he’s a friend of the family – we won’t tell). Stay off the streets of Compton that night, and invite close friends and family to share your temporary digs. Note: Be on the lookout for young drunk starlets trying to crash your party pad – letting them in is entirely up to you. 

Seattle, Washington

Skip the Space Needle and instead rent a downtown apartment where you can have a birds-eye view of the festivities. Why pay $300 to party with strangers when you can relax in your own Seattle vacation rental? Pop some Prosecco at midnight and watch the fireworks in privacy. With no one else around, you and your S/O may have a little fireworks show of your own.


Miami, Florida

Escape the cold and heat things up in Miami where the sun shines year-round. Unless you’re in your twenties, you probably don’t care about drinking a lot and wearing a little in the clubs on South Beach. Why not rent a 38th floor vacation condo, overlooking Biscayne Bay? Try an authentic Cuban meal in the early evening, then steal away to your private condo rental and watch the celebrations from afar. 

Austin, Texas

Discover your down-home roots in the Live Music Capital of the world. Catch an early bluegrass show then spend the rest of the evening in a vacation villa overlooking Lake Travis. Texas isn’t all about cowboy boots and rodeos. A blue dot in a sea of red, Austin’s small town charm and big city vibe will leave you feeling excited for the upcoming year.

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