Offbeat Christmas Destinations

If you’re like some people, you’d rather have yourself a relaxing week off than a merry little Christmas. Let’s face it. Not everyone celebrates the holiday, but nixing the Nativity does not necessarily a Grinch make. If you dread the sound of chipmunks singing Silent Night, and you refuse to ‘believe in’ a bearded fat guy who’s unemployed most of the year, then consider getting away in your own vacation rental where you can escape the yuletide yammering and enjoy some real peace on earth.

And a Very Merry Un-Christmas to You!

offbeat christmas destinations

Skip the ritzy ski resorts and popular beach towns (accommodations will get snatched up and prices hiked before you can say “batman smells” anyway). The point is to make it easy on yourself while everyone else runs around, frantic about last-minute gifts and holiday menus. Travel, instead, to an unconventional destination, and celebrate the fact that it doesn’t matter whether you were naughty or nice the past year. The only list you need to worry about is your Items To Pack - so start planning now.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Most people wait until February to hit up the Big Easy, but December is an excellent time to visit this port town. New Orleans’ voodoo vibe is about as far away from angelic choirs as you can get. Forget about Bourbon Street and Café du Mond and find a New Orleans house that is off the beaten path. Catch a jazz show at Preservation Hall, or visit the National World War II Museum. Chances are, Christmas revelers will have other things in mind.

Napa Valley, California

While December may not be a conventional time to visit Napa, there aren’t any crowds and tickets to wineries are often cheaper – certainly nothing to whine about. Besides, there’s more to Napa than vineyards – shopping, day spas and restaurants to delight the epicurean traveler. Stay in a Napa mountain rental in the charming Old Town, then rent a car and drive to nearby San Francisco – the best way to experience Northern California during any season.

Molokai, Hawaii

Aloha is more than just a word in Molokai – it’s a way of life. No fast food restaurants, no skyscrapers, and no malls means no commercialized Hallmark holidays either. Get back to a simpler, easier way of life in a Molokai beach house and find out why it’s the “Friendly Island.” Visit the world’s largest cliffs in Molokai’s “backside” or take a stroll down Papohaku Beach. Either way, you’ll leave Hawaii feeling refreshed and ready to take on the New Year.

Spend Christmas in Vegas and end the year on a high note.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City isn’t the first place people think of when they think of the holidays, which means you should reserve a decked out Las Vegas house rental there, pronto! Head west, young man, where what happens in Vegas - has nothing to do with Christmas. Skip the reindeer games and head to the casino instead. After a few rounds of roulette, your pockets will be fatter than Old Saint Nick -and his bowl full of jelly.

Miami, Florida

There’s more to this city than South Beach, but ‘winter’s’ eighty degree weather will entice you to get your feet wet. Soak up some Latin flavor and enjoy eating ropa viejo while the folks back home have turkey - again. Puedes bailar? People on “Cuban Standard Time” often get a late start – but that just means the party lasts longer. Miami’s nightclubs stay open until 4 AM, just in time to enjoy a fresh breakfast pastry before retiring to your South Beach condo.

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