5 Christmas Getaways for Couples

Whether you are newlyweds (in which case, congratulations) or just a young couple in love, a romantic holiday alone—just the two of you—can sometimes be more appealing and exciting than spending Christmas with your family, no matter how much you love them. Christmas getaways for couples can be less expensive than you might think—many popular vacation spots are nearly deserted at Christmastime, making them less crowded (how romantic!) and less expensive. Here are a few destinations you might consider:

Los Angeles, California

people_couple_santa_hats_christmas.jpgNative Californians are said to have been a minority since the gold rush and Los Angeles, being a mecca for show-business hopefuls, is a city of transplanted people. What this means is that the city empties out at Christmastime. It is still a giant metropolis, so all its amenities—the restaurants, the tourist attractions, etc.—are still open, but the city’s infamous traffic disappears for a few days. It becomes easy to get a table at any restaurant or a seat in any theater. For these reasons, L.A. residents who do not travel for the holidays often say Christmas is their favorite time of year.

The Mexican Riviera

The west coast of Mexico is informally known as the Mexican Riviera because so many cities there—about twenty of them—are so popular among travelers. The weather is always warm, the people are friendly, and a dollar goes a long way. Inexpensive vacation rentals can easily be found in Jalisco and Guerrero, among other places. These vacation rental homes are a great way to get the most privacy and space for your money, often for less than you’d pay for a hotel. As such, the Mexican Riviera is an excellent choice for Christmas getaways for couples.


You’re not likely to see such Christmas icons as Santa Claus or Frosty the snowman on the pinkish-white sands of the beaches of Barbados, but you will see friendly people in summer clothes enjoying the warm weather and the clean, turquoise-colored waters of the Caribbean. Most couples would take a December afternoon spent scuba diving over one spent shoveling snow any day of the week. In the town of Christ Church, on the country’s southern coast, is the Saint Lawrence Gap, a 1.5-kilometer strip lined with restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, and nightclubs.



When evaluating Christmas getaways for couples, you can’t forget to consider the most romantic city in the world: Paris, the “City of Light.” You can trade Santa Claus for Père Noël! At this time of year, the temperature is a bit colder than some of the other places on this list, but it is generally above freezing (around 45°F during the day), making it far more comfortable in winter than New York or Chicago. Paris is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the city (indeed, the whole country) is justly renowned for its cuisine.


For some, Christmas is primarily about family, friends, and general goodwill toward one’s fellow man. For others, however, it is a holiday of profound religious importance. If this is the case for you and your spouse, you may find great spiritual fulfillment in a trip to Israel and Palestine, where you can visit Bethlehem and Jerusalem, two cities whose Christmas significance is self-evident. Christmas getaways for couples are often romantic adventures, but there’s no reason they can’t also be occasions for spiritual reflection.

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