Top Destination Wedding Spots

It’s your big day. Don’t depend on others to make you happy. Take charge of the destination wedding you’ve been dreaming about for years. Make your vows memorable and say them in a place that’s not so easily forgotten. Whether you picture a romantic beach wedding, or your dream wedding is saying “I do” on the slopes, your wedding destination should be like your bridal gown – unique and perfectly fitting.

Wedding Vacation Rentals and More

Save money by putting up the bridal party in a spacious vacation rental rather than a hotel or resort. Better yet, choose an elegant villa or cottage rental and hold the wedding ceremony or reception at a luxury vacation home for a memorable event with a personal touch. Here are some specific picks for destination wedding.

Plan a beach wedding and get married on the shore. Beach Weddings

There’s a reason why beach weddings are so popular. What’s more romantic than running barefoot on the sand, the waves crashing behind you as you make your lifelong commitment? Visit one of these hot beach vacation destinations and let the first few moments of your marriage be sun-kissed.

Unique Weddings

You’ve never followed the crowd, so why have a traditional wedding? Get creative. Begin your life together on a hot air balloon. Or turn your trip down the aisle into a snowboarding run down your favorite mountain. What about a Safari wedding with wild animals in the background? Get your cold feet wet by saying “I do” in an underwater scuba wedding.

Take a gamble and plan a Las Vegas wedding. Weddings Abroad

There’s nothing like being whisked away to Europe to sweep you off your feet. The language of love is universal; picture a wedding in Tuscany, Paris or Rome. International wedding destinations have it all: glamour, amazing photo-ops and insurance against pesky guests who only show up for the free cake.

Fun Weddings

You’re a kid at heart and your wedding destination should reflect that. Exchange rings in the most magical place on earth - your favorite amusement park. Or visit America’s adult playground; get married by Elvis in a real life Las Vegas wedding. Imagine ziplining down a thick jungle canopy after taking the plunge, or chilling out on a cruise down through the Caribbean.


Romantic Vegas Rentals

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