Luxury in Wailea

Located along the southwest coastline of Maui, this beachfront locale presents guests with a great assortment of luxurious leisure activities from high-end shops to whale watching. The pristine tropical weather is perfect for outdoor excursions as well as some phenomenal ocean vistas.

The Shops at Wailea

Spend some hard-earned dough at one of more than 70 boutiques, shops, restaurants and galleries dispersed throughout this retail wonderland. As the island’s premier shopping destination, you’ll find a wide selection of excellent merchandise to commemorate your Hawaiian experience.

The Enchantress Boutique  

This extraordinary fashion destination presents patrons with a sensational selection of some of the hottest warm-weather styles. Found only on the island of Maui, this exclusive shopping outlet has garnered the attention of celebrities, rock stars, fashionistas and cosmopolites from around the world. Call ahead for the VIP treatment and book a personal style consultant who will select pieces from the collection as you sip on a glass of wine or other complimentary refreshments.


Art of Peter Max Gallery  

As one of two galleries in the world dedicated exclusively to the work of Peter Max, one of the most celebrated American artists alive today, you’ll be sure to find an incredible display of vibrant colors and engaging subject matter. Experience this collection of vivid oil paintings. This gallery is curated by the artist himself, which makes for an unrivaled shopping experience you won’t find anywhere else on earth.


Black Pearl Gallery  

This one-of-a-kind shopping destination features a selection of Tahitian black pearls, which hail from the shimmering lagoons of Polynesia. Since 1983, the Black Pearl Gallery has made a priority of providing a wide array of some of the world’s most beautiful pearls. Lose yourself in the rich depths of Tahitian black, South Sea golden and Australian white pearls, and revel in the unique craftsmanship of Hawaii’s premier jewelers.

Outdoor Excursions  

Boasting some of the country’s best weather, Wailea offers visitors numerous opportunities to take in the picturesque landscapes of Maui. Whether you’re looking for adrenaline-pumping adventure or a leisurely walk through natural sanctuaries, Wailea is sure to provide any traveler with the experience of a lifetime.

Molokini Crater

Grab your snorkel and swim trunks for a great day under the waves with a host of tropical species at Molokini Crater. As one of only three sheltered volcanic calderas in the whole world, this crater is home to an abundance of sea creatures found nowhere else on earth. Gaze upon vivid coral clusters and vibrant tropical fish as they flitter about playfully along gentle ocean currents.


Whale Watching Tours

Charter a tour and climb aboard one of the many vessels that will ferry you across the ocean currents to one of the numerous whale-watching spots located off the coastal waters of Maui. Gaze upon majestic humpbacks as they break through the surface of the crystal waters, and be amazed by the size and power of these radiant creatures. Lucky visitors might even come across a pod of dolphins, which have been known to playfully surface alongside seafaring vessels.  

Mountain Biking at Haleakala  

Get your adrenaline flowing on one of the trails that descends the slopes of Maui’s Haleakala Volcano. Race along the paths and take in the impressive vistas provided by Hawaii’s lush tropical foliage and rock formations as you swerve along hairpin turns and downhill straight-aways.

Golfing in Paradise  

Spend a day or two enjoying the gorgeous golf courses that populate the island. The impressive views and natural beauty of the links will make every round here one for the memory bank. Test your skills on the tee boxes and fairways of some of the premier golf courses that call this area home.

Wailea Golf Club

This picturesque country club has been featured in Golf Magazine and Golf Digest as one of the best destinations for avid golfers in the country. Choose between the Old Blue, Emerald or Gold courses, which present patrons with a selection of challenging holes and captivating backdrops. The Old Blue offers a truly classic golf experience, and is the eldest of the three. The Emerald is fit for any skill level, with wide open fairways and exquisitely manicured greens. The Gold course presents more of a challenge and has played host to numerous PGA events throughout its history.

Makena Golf Course

Located just south of town, Makena Golf Course offers shuttle services which are available to guests who have found accommodations elsewhere on the island, to make your day on the links a hassle-free experience. The indigenous groves, ancient rock formations, meandering streams and breathtaking ocean vistas make this course a truly magnificent place to take in the natural beauty of the island. The expansive fairways and enlarged greens provide excellent targets for all your chips, cuts, fades and flops as you traverse the holes at a leisurely pace.

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