Bridging the gap between high-end luxury travel and the simplicity of camping, “glamping” (glamour-camping) lets you experience nature without stepping too far outside your comfort zone.

Is glamping for you?

If you don’t like traditional camping, that doesn’t mean you’ll dislike glamping. In general, glamp rentals are both fashionable and functional. Plus, they offer immediate access to the great outdoors while ensuring that you have the comforts of home. Depending on the destination, you might find yourself in an elaborate tree-house or an environmentally-conscious tiny house.

Glamping is becoming increasingly popular among couples because of the romantic backdrop characteristic of glamp-sites. Families also enjoy glamping because it’s more convenient than setting up your own camp site. Since glamping exists almost anywhere where there is nature, you don’t have to travel across the globe to sleep in a hut. Glamping vacations offer an affordable way to get away without traveling far. Staying in sunny Santa Barbara feels worlds apart from Los Angeles, and it’s just a few hours away.

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Types of accommodation

Glamping accommodations vary a lot. Tree houses, yurts, and furnished tents are a few of many different architectural styles one might find at a glamp-site. Permanently-parked travel trailers offer guests cooking supplies, water and electricity. Tree houses will give you a room with a view, and yurts’ circular shape can withstand harsh weather and are often available year-round.

Packing tips

Glamping is comfortable and convenient. Unlike with traditional camping, you don’t have to worry about setting up your tent or sleeping on the ground. Glamp accommodations vary, and some glamping rentals are positively extravagant.

Check with your glamp-site owner to see what you need to bring in these basic categories: bedding, cooking, furniture (like folding chairs), and food and drink. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time outside, make sure to bring your gear and clothing for weather changes and outdoor activities, plus a first aid kit, basic tool kit, insect repellant and sunscreen.

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Outdoor excursions

Whether biking through the local terrain or paddling close by, adventure comes in many forms during a glamping trip. Many travelers spend long days outdoors and just come back to their home base in the evening, and some enjoy the scenery from a lounge chair or hammock. The flexibility of a glamping trip is particularly appealing to families and groups with different interests.

Where are some of the special places that are best experienced by glamping? In the United States, Pescadero, California, is a hit with surfers and mountain bikers while Dolores, Colorado, is known for world-class hiking. Ellijay, Georgia, balances nature with local community life, as there is a lively bar scene nearby. Glampers in Montana can spend the day fly fishing before indulging in a rejuvenating spa treatment and gourmet dinner.

Winter vacations in Switzerland might involve snowshoeing or Nordic skiing. Tropical locales like the Maldives offer a different variety of adventure like dolphin and whale-watching cruises, catamaran trips and snorkeling safaris. Chilean Patagonia is an adventure-seeker’s dream destination because it's mostly untouched by mass tourism. Accommodations here are designed to withstand Chilean weather year-round. Take a trek through the rugged terrain or opt for an interactive wildlife walk.

What to expect

Like any smart traveler, think ahead so that you can solve problems before they start. Glamp-sites range from simple to sophisticated, with some rentals costing as little as $50 per night while others offer an indulgent experience for as much as $2,000 per night. Check to see the amenities offered, like whether the tent is heated and what type of sports gear is provided. Find out what activities are available, how comfortable the beds are and whether a glamp-site is family friendly or better suited for couples.

Find your perfect place for glamping, and enjoy the adventure!

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