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  • 6 stunning stays offer a taste of European luxury

    Why not indulge in the ultimate vacation stay: a magnificent vacation home in one of Europe’s most glamorous destinations. When we say magnificent, we don’t just mean big. We mean exquisite, jaw-dropping, and rock-star worthy. You’ll want to soak up the si…

  • 5 fabulous luxury beach homes

    Picture yourself in paradise—warm sand between your toes, an ocean breeze on your cheeks, waves crashing around you as you gaze out at endless water. Now imagine the beachfront property behind you, your vacation home for as long as you can stay. Think eleg…

  • 5 apartments that are not short on fabulous

    When it comes to luxury, size often matters. Limos stretch down city blocks, and infinity pools cascade onto expansive lawns with gardens and tennis courts. But finding the best vacation rental doesn’t always mean nabbing the most square footage. In fact, …

  • Top 10 Luxury Rentals

    Spend your vacation in ultimate comfort and style. Treat yourself to a glorious getaway at one of these ten luxurious properties.

  • Luxury in the Caribbean

    The Caribbean consists of a number of countries known for their slowed-down way of life and natural beauty, ranging from the Dominican Republic to the Virgin Islands to Jamaica to St. Barthelemy. If you're in the market for a luxury vacation at a spectacul…

  • Luxury vacations for kids

    Luxury vacations are the ultimate splurge, but luxury resorts are notoriously kid-unfriendly. If you plan on making your five-star vacation a whole family affair, book a luxury vacation rental instead. You can have all the amenities of a pricey resort with…

  • Guide to Glamping

    Bridging the gap between high-end luxury travel and the simplicity of camping, “glamping” (glamour-camping) lets you experience nature without stepping too far outside your comfort zone.

  • Luxury Travel Tips for Families

    Luxury travel isn’t just for business execs and honeymooners—it’s something the whole family can enjoy. These destinations offer plenty of perks and also keep kids entertained.

  • Celebrity Vacation Homes

    In spite of the economic slump, celebrities are still highly unlikely to spend their vacations at run of the mill vacation destinations like average Americans. As a result, they continue to choose the very best resorts, villas, retreats, and islands money …

  • Luxury in Palm Springs

    Hike in the San Jacinto mountains. Play world-class golf courses. Experience the California desert lifestyle. Play, explore and relax poolside in your own whole luxurious mid-century modern vacation home in Palm Springs.