Best vacation destinations for traveling with dogs

With a little planning, traveling with your dog is easy. The best vacations for dogs usually involve a vacation rental that gives you and your dog a home away from home and a new place to explore.

  1. Lake Placid, NY

    lake placid best dog destinations

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    High in the Adirondacks, Lake Placid is a gorgeous four-season vacation destination and one of the most dog-friendly spots in America. In summer, big dogs will enjoy the nearly three-mile hiking trail around Mirror Lake, and small dogs will love to splash at the doggie beach. There’s also lots of snow in the winter, and dogs who like the snow will love running through the fresh powder.

  2. Sanibel Island, FL

    sanibel island best dog destinations

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    Sitting on Florida’s gorgeous Gulf Coast near Naples, Sanibel is one of the best beaches to bring your dog. Book a beachside cottage, and spend your days combing the famous beaches for seashells, while your dog runs, splashes, and chases scurrying crabs. Algiers Beach is a great dog area right next to the island’s nature preserve. Dogs who love waves will love the safe and gentle surf of the Gulf of Mexico.

  3. Branson, MO

    branson best dog destinations

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    Branson, Missouri is one of the top travel destinations in the United States. One of the hearts of live country music with lots of theaters and thrilling live shows, Branson offers theme parks, great golfing, and world-class shopping.

    Branson is also one of the best vacation spots for dogs, as there are miles and miles of wonderful hiking trails in Table Rock State Park, where they can go off leash and splash in a few lakes along the way. Dogs who like having their picture taken will love Busters Old Time Photos, where the whole family can get an old-time Wild West photo with Fido.

  4. Los Angeles

    los angeles best dog destinations

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    Even small urban dogs that may not love big waves or long walks enjoy vacations. Rent a dog-friendly vacation condo in Los Angeles, and take your buddy to all the great city parks so he or she can smell new things and meet new friends. For a true party evening Los Angeles style, head to SkyBark, a trendy downtown bar with an incredible view of the L.A. skyline, where you are welcome to dance the night away with your dog. Dogs who love traveling in a tiny carrier will enjoy feeling right at home as you shop ‘til you drop.

  5. Myrtle Beach, SC

    myrtle beach best dog destinations

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    Myrtle Beach makes for one of the best vacations for dogs because it’s so dog-friendly. While you have to keep your dog off the beaches during the day, early morning walks and evening walks are welcome, even off leash. Myrtle Beach also has a great Barc Parc, where dogs even have their own lake to play in and separate areas for big dogs and small dogs. Thirsty dogs will love the doggie drinking fountain at the North-End Dog Park at Grand Strand.

  6. Gatlinburg, TN

    gatlinburg best dog destinations

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    In the gorgeous Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, the Gatlinburg Sky Lift lets you bring your dog with you on the ride to the top of the mountain, so you can hike together back to the bottom through pretty forests and by rushing streams. Active dogs will love the freedom of a wilderness hike, where they can be free.

    Gatlinburg also happens to be one of the more affordable and family-friendly destinations for booking a vacation rental!

  7. Key West, FL

    key west best dog destinations

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    Key West is one of the most eccentric and beautiful places to visit in the United States, and it offers one of the best vacations with dogs that love to go boating. Lazy Dog Kayak is happy to help you go paddling with your pooches out to a private dog park sandbar where they can run free and play to their—and your—heart’s content. Dogs that like water will also love playing all day at the Key West Dog Beach.

  8. Carmel, CA

    carmel best dog destinations

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    The beach in Carmel is a magnet for dogs of all shapes and sizes. There is no leash law, so dogs can run free in the waves and over the rocks. There are also lots of washrooms for people, so it’s easy to spend all day at one of the most beautiful and dog-friendly beaches in the U.S. Dogs that love riding in the car will love the picturesque Seventeen Mile Drive down the California coastline as much as you do.

  9. Alexandria, VA

    alexandria best dog destinations

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    Find a dog-friendly vacation rental in the heart of Alexandria, and you can explore some of the most interesting chapters of American history as you walk your dog. Alexandria is the hometown of George Washington, and it has lots of pretty parks and places to explore. Dogs that are happy to walk on a leash will enjoy a historic walking tour with Alexandria's Footsteps of the Past Walking Tours.

  10. Seattle, WA

    seattle best dog destinations

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    Just outside of Seattle, in the town of Leavenworth, the Iron Goat Trail follows the path of the old Great Northern Railway through the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest and past waterfalls. Dogs are welcome. Dogs that love fast water will love a tubing adventure on the Wenatchee River with Let's Go Tubing, a tubing company that welcomes dogs with open arms.

    The best vacations for dogs are ones where your furry friend can be a part of all the action. So, no matter where you go, book a pet-friendly vacation rental where your pet has plenty of room to run around.

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