Top 10 Georgia Beaches

From the romantic streets of Savannah to the nightlife in Atlanta, Georgia is full of urban attractions. Yet there is a whole other side of Georgia to explore: its excellent beaches.

  1. Tybee Island Beach

    Tybee Island sunset
    Sunset on Tybee Island; Photo courtesy of Nick Lucey

    Many of the best beaches in Georgia are located on barrier islands, such as Tybee Island Beach. Located a short drive away from Savannah, Tybee Island is known for its wide beaches, a scenic lighthouse, and family-friendly atmosphere. The tides here sweep in and out dramatically, creating even more beautiful scenery.


  2. Jekyll Island

    Glory Beach, Jekyll Island
    Glory Beach; Photo courtesy of Evangello Gonzalez

    Another of the top 10 Georgia beaches is also an island, Jekyll Island. Here travelers will find gorgeous beaches and plenty of wildlife too. Jekyll Island is famous for its sea-turtle nests, as well as its variety of water sports from snorkeling to fishing.


  3. St. Simon's Island

    St. Simon's Island sunrise
    Sunrise on St. Simon's Island; Photo courtesy of Silver Starre

    Choose a vacation rental right on the beach in St. Simons Island and the pleasures of the sandy shore will be right at your fingertips. In addition to spacious beaches, this island is known for its many marinas offering fishing tours and other fun boating excursions.


  4. Cumberland National Seashore

    Horse, Cumberland National Seashore
    Horse on beach; Photo courtesy of Savannah Sam Photographyr

    The Cumberland National Seashore - near Amelia Island - is home to one of the most beautiful sights in Georgia: wild horses running freely on the beaches. For this reason alone it is often considered to be one of the top 10 Georgia beaches.


  5. Sapelo Island

    Sapelo Island
    Beach on Sapelo Island; Photo courtesy of Evangello Gonzalez

    If you're looking for a completely unspoiled destination, spend some time on Sapelo Island. In addition to soaking up the Georgia sun, you can engage in different activities here such as guided tours along the marsh paths to learn about local wildlife.


  6. Sea Island

    Sea Island sunrise
    Sunrise on Sea Island; Photo courtesy of Paul Williams

    Sea Island is one of the four islands that make up what is known as the Golden Isles of Georgia. Along with Jekyll Island, St. Simon's Island, and Little St. Simon's Island, Sea Island offers some of the most scenic and unspoiled beaches in all of Georgia. This island has become one of Georgia's most upscale beach destinations.


  7. Little St. Simon's Island

    Little St. Simon's Island
    Beach on Little St. Simon's Island; Photo courtesy of William Avery Hudson

    The least developed of the Golden Isles of Georgia , Little St. Simons Island offers seven miles of stunning beaches. The island is only accessible by boat and is popular for adventurous day trips including kayaking, hiking, and biking, although many people arrive simply to sunbathe and swim.


  8. Wassaw Island

    Wassaw Island Beach
    Beach on Wassaw Island; Photo courtesy of f_iodinea

    Many of Georgia's barrier islands offer a chance to experience beaches and landscapes that have been preserved for local wildlife. Wassaw Island (south of Tybee Island) is a great example of this. Reachable only by chartered or public boat, this is a fun place to visit on a day trip for cycling, hiking, or lounging on the beach.


  9. Nanny Goat Beach

    Nanny Goat Beach
    Nanny Goat Beach; Photo courtesy of Evangello Gonzalez

    Aside from having a funny name, Nanny Goat Beach - on Sapelo Beach - is appealing for several other reasons too. Nature lovers will flock to this beach for the chance to see a variety of birds and wildlife, while kids will love the opportunity to spend their days engaging in water sports like boogie boarding.


  10. St. Andrew Beach

    St. Andrews Beach
    St. Andrews Beach; Photo courtesy of Evangello Gonzalez

    St. Andrews Beach, on Jekyll Island, is known as one of the most family-friendly beaches in Georgia. In addition to all of the traditional fun things to do at the beach, St. Andrews Beach is also close to the Summer Waves Water Park and trails for horseback riding.