Bar Harbor deep sea fishing

Frequent travelers to Bar Harbor, Maine proclaim their love for the area for many reasons: unspoiled beaches, charming lighthouses, outdoor adventure, and those incredibly delicious Maine lobsters (just to name a few). Beyond whale watching tours and watching sunsets, one of the most popular local activities is Bar Harbor deep sea fishing. Whether you are traditionally interested in fishing or not, deep sea fishing in Maine is a whole different sport. Here you will encounter incredible wildlife while trying your luck for the big catch.

Deep Sea Fishing Cruises

There are several options when it comes to Bar Harbor deep sea fishing, and you should choose between them depending on your level of interest. Visitors who are interested in dabbling in fishing will want to sign up for one of the deep sea fishing cruises, that are just as focused on delivering a beautiful boat tour as teaching you new fishing skills.

Here are a few local companies that offer deep sea fishing tours:

  • Vagabond Deep Sea Fishing
  • Sea Venture Custom Boat Tours
  • Islander Mount Desert

For families, these cruises can often be the best choice. Not only will you have the opportunity to cast your line and possibly watch your kids make their first catch, but you can also plan an on board picnic, check out the scenic Maine coastline, and generally relax on the deck of the boat. A range of options include larger boats which you should share with other families, or your own fishing charter which would cost a little more money.

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The Fisherman's Deep Sea Fishing Excursion

If you're more interested in a big catch than the scenic coastline, you will want to skip fishing cruises in favor of a more focused deep sea fishing expedition. These options will have less families, more serious fishermen, and very knowledgeable guides that can help you to improve your fishing skills. Deep sea fishing is most often a summer activity, and while it doesn't require a license, you do need to register with the Salt Water Fishing Registry (this is often completed by your tour guide).

You might be wondering what kind of fish you can expect to catch on one of these excursions. The coastline of Maine is full with a wide variety of fish including salmon, smallmouth bass, mackerel, and trout. Some of the best places to fish around Bar Harbor include Frazer Point, Sargent Drive, Schoodic Peninsula, and Somes Sound. Tell your tour guides what kind of fishing experience you're looking for, and they can pick the perfect location.

Other fishing alternatives

While Bar Harbor deep sea fishing is definitely one of the most popular ways to cast a line, it isn't the only way. Maine is also known for its fresh water fishing and fly fishing. There are many lakes, streams, and ponds located in Acadia National Park that are great places for a relaxing day of fishing. Permits are required in Maine for freshwater fishing, but if you hire a guide, taking care of this red tape is often part of your package deal.

While some families might be intimidated by the idea of deep sea fishing, this fishing alternative can be a great option if you're visiting Maine with young kids. Fishing is also an option from piers if you want to stick to salt water fishing. Another fun option, if you happen to be visiting Maine during the winter season of January through March, is ice fishing.

Whether you choose to embark on an all day deep sea fishing excursion or try your luck in local lakes, fishing in Maine is a great way to get in touch with nature while enjoying quality family time too. Make sure to book a Bar Harbor rental to go along with your fishing trip!

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