Earn rental income while you're out of town.

1Create your listing for free
Upload high quality photos, set up online booking and HomeAway Payments, and highlight your property’s amenities to make your rental as attractive as possible.

2Talk to the traveler
Once you receive an inquiry, respond directly to the traveler within 24 hours. Check that they are a suitable match for your property.

3Confirm the reservation
You’re always in control over who stays in your rental, and you can confirm or decline the booking request with a single click.

4Get paid!
Your rental income will be in your account 24 hours after your traveler checks in, and you pay just 10% commission for every confirmed booking.*

*10% commission paid when booking occurs through the HomeAway website. Commissions may be higher when booked through our partner websites.
  1. Check the short-term rental laws for your state, county, city, and Home Owners Association
  2. An email address you use regularly
  3. A description of the property and its amenities
  4. Between six and 24 high-resolution photos of the property (smartphone photos accepted!)
  5. The last four digits of your social security number
  6. Your date of birth
  7. The routing and account number of your bank account
  8. A standard rental rate you want to charge
  9. Knowledge of any taxes or fees you need to pay
  10. A signed professional rental agreement

It’s normal to have a few questions, so here are the answers to a few of the most popular queries.

Where do I put my personal items?

Store any valuables or personal items somewhere safe, such as a locked closet, garage, or storage unit.

How do I vet a traveler and prevent fraud?

We’re one of the few vacation rental sites that let you speak directly to the traveler so you can confirm you’re communicating with a verified traveler. Use your instinct, ask questions, and only accept if you feel comfortable.

How much should I charge?

Browse our site and compare similar properties in your local area to get a rough idea. Use our filters to compare rentals in the same area of town with the same amenities and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Who can I contact if I have any problems?

(For HomeAway.com) Contact our 24-hour customer support team at help.homeaway.com Or via our online support request form http://support.homeaway.com

(For VRBO.com) Contact our 24-hour customer support team at help.VRBO.com Or via our online support request form http://help.vrbo.com/help/RequestForAssistance.aspx

How do I take payment from travelers?

HomeAway Payments is a secure and convenient way to accept most major credit cards and all eChecks directly from your dashboard. There are no setup, termination, or monthly fees. It’s quick, simple, and safe.

When do I get paid?

Money will appear in your designated bank account 24 hours after the traveler checks in, with the exception of your very first payment. For security purposes, the first payment through will take 30 days from the date of booking and traveler payment. After this, every payment will appear 24 hours after the traveler has checked in.

What if the traveler requests a chargeback?

This rarely happens, but VacationRentPayments, the company that powers HomeAway Payments, will mitigate any claims should a traveler request a chargeback. Make sure you always have a signed copy of their rental agreement in your records, along with any saved email correspondence for each traveler.

Who do I contact to make sure I’m not doing anything illegal?

Check the short-term rental laws for your state, county, city, and homeowners association. Consider calling your homeowner’s insurance provider to understand the coverage for short-term guests. Also, review safety requirements and health code regulations for your area.

What do I tell my neighbors?

Reassure them that you have vetted your guest and let them know when you plan to rent out your property. We recommend you provide contact numbers for you and your emergency contact, as well as local police and fire departments.

What do guests expect in a vacation rental?

Read our list of standard amenities you should include here.

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