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by adding online booking to your listings
As the HomeAway family and the vacation rental industry grow, it’s important that we make changes to ensure your business continues to succeed.
This past year, we’ve made significant improvements to HomeAway and VRBO. That means upgrading tools, providing excellent service, and ensuring owners, managers, and travelers have the best possible experience. We are also investing more in marketing and advertising to drive qualified travelers to your listings.
We’re excited about 2015 and will continue to do even more to ensure your business is successful. As we head into the new year, we’ve made some changes to our pricing. Below are new subscription and bundle prices that will impact your 2015 renewals starting January 6, 2015.


HomeAway recently announced that our #1 priority is to enable the vast majority of listings on our sites with the online booking option by 2016. Why? Because traveler expectations have changed, and we need to change with them. In order to support that change, we are giving all listings that currently have or enable online booking a $50 discount on your 2015 renewal.

2015 Pricing

Subscription levels

Renewal without online booking

Renewal with online booking

















Price at renewal

U.S. Bundle


Global Bundle


To add online booking, please contact your account manager or call


Representatives are available by phone from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST.

Need Help?

Find answers to our frequently asked questions.

When does this go into effect?
The price change will go into effect on January 6th, 2015 for all classic, gold, silver and platinum subscription level purchases or renewals.
How do I get online booking?
If you use the HomeAway Reservation Manager to manage your listings, follow the instructions located here to enable online booking on your listings today. If you are an integrated property manager (IPM) with software that is eligible for online booking, call your account manager or request a call here.
What if I cannot get online booking?
It’s important to talk to your account manager about the possibility and timing of getting online booking. We are working with most popular software companies, so there is a possibility that you will be able to get it in the near future.
What is happening with the price change and why?
We have to make periodic price adjustments in order to continue to invest in marketing and product updates to drive inquiries and bookings for your listings. Starting January 6, 2015, the prices for the Classic, Silver, Gold and Platinum will increase for any new and existing listings. This price change will impact you upon renewal. Existing customers can save $50 on your 2015 renewals by adopting Online Booking if you do not already have it. The price of the global bundle will also go up from $499 to $599 and there will not be any associated discount with online booking adoption. We drive over 65 million traveler visits per month to our network of sites which continues to increase year over year as a result of our investments. As always, your listing will include premium placement as well as 24 photos, a map, availability calendar, reviews and more.
How much does online booking cost?
Online Booking is free to Property Managers with subscription listings, however your software must be integrated and your listings must be activated in order to provide Online Booking capability.
I already have online booking. Do I have to do anything to receive the discount?
If you already have adopted online booking, the $50 discount will automatically be applied upon renewal.
Why are you adding a discount for online booking adoption?
Travelers’ expectations have changed and most prefer to have the option to book online. The online booking discount is part of our goal to drive towards 100% online bookable properties in our marketplace. As such, we are encouraging our existing property managers to adopt online booking and rewarding those who already have online booking enabled on their listings.
What additional services and features do I get for the new price?
We have driven many enhancements for our owners and property managers including the launch of the updated listing quality scorecard, new and improved mobile features such as the mobile hospitality manager, and the new dashboard homepage.
Are bundle prices changing?
The price of the US bundle will remain at $299. The Global bundle will go up from $499 to $599. As always, when you purchase a bundle, you will maintain your subscription level on the additional sites.
How often do you adjust prices?
We work hard to reduce the number of price changes we implement however cannot guarantee when or if prices will go up in the future.
How do your prices compare to competition? Have they increased maintenance prices over the last few years?
We work hard to provide you the best value possible at competitive pricing. Our competitors have many different pricing structures that can be viewed on their sites.
Can I downgrade my subscription prior to renewal?
You cannot downgrade your subscription level for your existing subscription term unless you are within your renewal window, but can upgrade at any time. You can renew early and choose to downgrade your subscription level then.
Can I renew all my listings early?
Before you renew, you should get online booking so that you can take advantage of the discount.