Convert your inventory to annual subscriptions or pay-per-booking listings.

Since pay-per-lead is being phased out by the middle of December 2014, now’s the perfect time to upgrade your inventory and take advantage of the value, flexibility, and control our other listing options offer.

We have two better ways to list – both of which offer features our pay-per-lead model didn’t. Whether you want to get unlimited bookings for the best value or take more control of your cash flow by paying nothing upfront, these options can help provide you with the means to succeed.

Contact your account representative or call us at 1-888-581-1849 to upgrade your listings today.
Annual subscription

Highest return on investment


Risk-free with no annual commitment

  • Unlimited inquiries and bookings for one low price
  • Control placement in search results with five subscription levels
  • Flexibility to choose guest payment method
  • No upfront fees for more control of cash flow
  • Only pay for the bookings you receive
  • Placement in search results not guaranteed


Why are you no longer supporting pay-per-lead listings?
After evaluating listing performance and cost of technology maintenance, we made a decision to continue investment in subscriptions and pay-per-booking listing options, which provide better booking performance and a better traveler experience.

I use property management software. Will both options work for me?
We integrate with most software companies, but to be sure you should always confirm with your software company or talk to a member of our sales team.

Will I get full listing quality score credit for online booking if I use either of these options?
If you enable online booking for subscriptions or choose pay-per-booking, you will receive partial credit for online booking on your scorecard. You can achieve full credit by using your online booking to make reservations. 

I have my own merchant service provider. Can I use them for online booking?
If your software is integrated for online booking or pay-per-booking, you can use your own merchant service provider. Otherwise, you will need to sign up for HomeAway Payments and use our free Reservation Manager to manage your bookings.

How soon should I start to convert my pay-per-lead listings?
You should contact your account manager right away to get the process started, especially if you are an integrated property manager. It may take time to convert the listings, depending on the configuration of your account. You must have a signed purchase order and conversion project open by the end of November, or your pay-per-lead listings will be taken down from the site on December 16.

What will happen to my pay-per-lead listings if I do nothing?
All pay-per-lead listings will be phased off the site by the end of the year. 

Will my listings be removed if I’m in the process of converting them to pay-per-booking or subscription?
If you are integrated and have an open project and purchase order with our team to convert your listings by the end of November, your listings will not be removed. However, the project must be completed by the end of first quarter of 2015. Any listings not converted by March 31, 2015 will be removed permanently from the site.