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Listing Quality — Get Better Performance


Research has shown that there are key pieces of information that travelers look for when searching for a vacation rental—and it's all there in your listing quality scorecard.
Your listing quality scorecard offers immediate feedback and personalized recommendations on how to enhance your listings. Be sure to check it regularly to make sure your listings have everything travelers need to book.

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Your listing scorecard components:


Response score*

Responding quickly is extremely important to turning inquiries into bookings: research shows that 57% of travelers looking to book a vacation home will go somewhere else if they haven’t gotten a response back in 24 hours.*** That’s why there is a response score on your scorecard.Your response score is also visible on your listing so that travelers have an idea of when to expect a response from you.

How it's calculated

Your response score is calculated after your listing has received five inquiries, and will be updated with each new inquiry using the ten most recent inquiries or reservation requests. It will be calculated using the following two factors:

  • Response time: The typical amount of time between receiving an initial inquiry or reservation request and replying to the traveler.
  • Response rate: The percentage of your last ten inquiries or reservations to which you have responded.


Having an accurate calendar lets travelers know if your property is available during the desired dates and is more likely to result in an inquiry if kept up-to-date. We strongly recommend that you update your calendar regularly to ensure high-quality inquiries. If your calendar isn’t updated at least every 60 days, your listing may be hidden from search results where travelers enter specific dates. If you use online booking, your calendar is always considered up-to-date.

Sign into your dashboard on HomeAway.comVRBO or and click the 'Calendar tab' to make updates.



Photos are one of the first things that travelers will view when browsing a listing. Travelers like to know what to expect when renting a vacation home and we encourage you to show off your listings best features by uploading up to 24 well-staged, up-to-date photos per listing. Make sure the photos are big enough—for best results, we recommend 3840 x 2160 pixels.* Otherwise, photos can look grainy or blurry on some computer screens.

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Creating quotable rates gives you more flexibility in pricing and ensures that travelers receive accurate price quotes. It also means that your property appears in applicable search results when travelers search using specific rates.

Set up HomeAwayVRBO, or quotable rates

Learn more about quoatable rates.


Online booking and payments

Research shows that more than 90% of travelers want the ability to pay online.*** So, your scorecard reflects if you offer (and use) online booking and HomeAway Payments. Offering these services makes it easier for guests to book your property quickly and securely—plus, they make it easier for you to manage payments and bookings directly from your dashboard.


Tip: Enabling and using online booking is the best indication that you are providing the kind of booking experience that travelers want. Online booking can contribute to a higher placement in search results, and you always decide whether to accept or decline booking requests. Don’t forget, you can now enable online booking with your additional payment methods.


To sign up for online booking, sign into your dashboard on or click the 'Payments' tab.



The more reviews you have (and the more recent they are) the better! Over 85% of travelers have told us that reviews written within the last two years are more helpful.** Make sure your guests have a great experience because having lots of positive reviews helps you get more bookings. You should try to get at least 12 reviews and even when you get there, never stop collecting them to make sure you always have recent ones on your listing. 


Tip: If you would like to increase the number of reviews for any of your listings, we suggest soliciting reviews through the HomeAway Dashboard by clicking “Reviews” on the left-side pane, selecting a property at the top of the screen, and then selecting “Request a Review” for your property.


To view your reviews, sign into your dashboard on HomeAway.comVRBO, or and click the "Reviews" tab.



Make it easy for travelers to find your properties in a map search by ensuring that we have a valid address for each listing. Don’t worry, we won’t share your exact address on your listing.

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Minimum Content Requirements


To ensure that all listings meet basic quality standards, all new listings require the following in order to go live on our site:

  • Headlines with at least 20 characters
  • Descriptions with at least 400 characters
  • Each listing must have at least 6 photos
  • Bedroom and bathroom count included for each listing
  • An accurate address and latitude/longitude for each property
  • Updated calendar and rates information

Listing Content Suggestions



Headlines play a key role in listing quality; headlines are the first thing that a traveler sees about your listings, so make sure they are attention-grabbing. Things to consider when writing listing headlines:

  • The most effective length is around 70 characters long
  • Include the property type (e.g., cabin, home, condo, etc.)
  • Highlight special amenities (e.g., hot tub, deck, WiFi, etc.)
  • Describe suitability for certain groups of travelers (e.g., couples, families, pet owners, etc.)
  • Include proximity to local attractions (e.g., beaches, theme parks, etc.)
  • Do not include property IDs or specific addresses
  • Avoid using all capital letters
  • Bedroom and bathroom count are unnecessary in headlines
  • Avoid repeating headlines

Example: Newly Remodeled Historic Home 10 Minutes from Downtown w/ Pool and BBQ Grill



Property Descriptions are very important to travelers who are trying to learn as much as possible about a property before making the decision to book. When writing effective descriptions, consider the following:

  • The most effective length is between 700-1000 characters long
  • Highlight the property’s selling points in the first sentence
  • Clearly state property details (ex. 4-bedroom villa, 2,500 sq. ft. home, etc.)
  • Specify size of beds and amenities in each bedroom
  • Provide details about the property’s special amenities
  • Describe property’s suitability for certain groups (elderly, couples, families, etc.)
  • Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Scan descriptions in software for raw HTML: Certain characters will not feed properly (i.e. !,+,”,&, etc.)


Photos are a critical component of a listing, and are heavily relied-upon by travelers when choosing which property to book. Consider the following suggestions when picking photos to showcase for your properties:

  • Have as close to 24 high resolution photos as possible for each listing
  • Recommended resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Horizontal/landscape orientation is best
  • The maximum photo size is 20 MB
  • The first photo will serve as a thumbnail and should be most representative of the property
  • Include exterior views, all bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living area, other amenities, and floor plans
  • Watermarks, logos, text, arrows, and photos not relating to property are not permitted
  • Fill in all captions with information pertinent to each photo

*Listing quality information for Integrated PMs (IPMs) using software to manage bookings:

  • IPMs receive full credit for calendar by integrating calendars or updating calendar every 30 days
  • IPMs receive full credit for rates by integrating rates or setting up quotable rates
  • IPMs currently cannot be measured on responses. This will show as not yet eligible in your listing scorecard. You will have the ability to self-select response time in the interim, by going to “Brand Info” in your Dashboard.
  • IPMs are subject to the photo restrictions of their software, but we still recommend your photos are as large as your software will allow.

**Based on a survey conducted in March 2012 to 2,199 travelers who inquiried on HomeAway or VRBO.

***Based on a survey conducted in March 2014 to 414 travelers who inquired on HomeAway or VRBO.