Property Manager Toolkit

Get to Know Your Dashboard

When you log into your account, you automatically land on your property manager dashboard. This serves as your homepage, where you start from every time you return to the site. From here, you’ll be able to navigate all of the features of your dashboard and manage your listing inventory.

Note: The following features are available through the HomeAway Dashboard. Integrated property managers (IPMs) who use compatible software can build and manage their listings in that software.   If you are using external software to manage your listings, click here.

Left Navigation

The left menu provides quick access to the things you need the most. Click on each section below to see a rundown of what you’ll find when you click on each tab.



  • Analytics: Our enhanced data and analytics will help you better understand how your listing performs over time and relative to your market. This information can be valuable to show you where you can potentially improve and where you are doing a great job.
  • Listing Quality Summary: View the listing quality scorecard, including summary information and score details for the live listings in your account. This is a great tool to see which of your properties are best matched to traveler feedback and which ones need a little more attention.
  • Alerts: If your listing is about to expire or there is an important action you need to take, we'll show you an alert to let you know. It will be at the top of the page, and in orange or blue, so you can’t miss it! Click on the alert and see which listings are affected by the alert.

Reservation Manager

View all your bookings in one place, so you can see details like who's coming next, who has paid, and more. It's all on one screen, with the ability to get more detail on any potential guest just a click away. Easily view, change, or make a note about an upcoming reservation, or book a new one. It's all here.

  • Inquiries: Access your booking tools when responding to inquiries or messages with the ability to respond using templates and to add attachments.
  • Payments: Here you can check out anything related to payments (or to sign up!)
  • Reservations: See all of your past, present, and future reservations.
  • Calendar: See your properties’ calendars for the next month… or next 12! You can easily tell which dates are booked and when guests are coming or going. We’ll automatically update your calendar to reflect online bookings.
  • Hospitality: Enter useful information about your property for your guests to access when their booking is confirmed. 
  • Reviews: Read and reply to guest reviews. You can also request a review from a previous guest (although if you use our reservation calendar, payments system, or hospitality experience, a review is requested automatically).

Bulk Editors

  • Headlines: Visit the headline area when you need to test out a new headline to make your property stand out. 


  • Listing details: Check the status of your listings (including expiration dates), manage renewals, and learn about upgrade options. 
  • Personal details: Here you can update the contact information we have on file for you, your password and security questions, and your payment preferences. 
  • Settings: Customize your online booking, set payment options, and manage email templates, attachments, rental agreements and cancellation policies. 
  • Brand Info: Make sure you upload your logo, office hours and other important information about your company so that we can display them on your Brand Boost page. 
  • Manage tags:  This feature is a great way to assign properties to a group so that you can manage your listings more effectively.  You can create tags such as “beachfront properties”, or arrange them by building, if you have multiple units in one complex.  Then, you can sort by these tags in your dashboard.