Property Manager Toolkit

Get to Know Your Dashboard

The HomeAway Property Manager Dashboard is a highly useful complement to your property management software. The Dashboard allows you to easily manage multiple aspects your property listings in one place.


Benefits of Using the Dashboard

  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Find suggestions for improving listing quality and booking conversion
  • Enable or disable listings for online booking
  • Configure your pay-per-booking settings
  • Update brand information

Explore some of the useful sections of the Dashboard below.


My Properties for Professionals


Incomplete tab:

These listings do not meet our minimum content requirements, and will need to be updated before they may be published


Subscriptions tab:

Shows all of your subscription listings and allows you to enable or disable online booking for each listing


Pay-per-booking tab:

Shows all of your commission-enabled listings


Unassigned Listings tab:

These listings can be converted to commission listings, or will need to be linked to a subscription. Please contact your Account Manager for more information about purchasing a subscription.


Expanded Distribution Network tab:

Enable or disable your listings to be distributed to our network of partner sites such as Expedia® and KAYAK®

See an Expired Subscriptions tab?

These listings can be renewed by speaking with your Account Manager, or can be converted into commission listings within the Dashboard.

Listing Quality


Click on the Listing Quality section of the Dashboard to follow customized suggestions on how to make your listing more attractive to travelers.


Summary view:

The summary view is dynamic and those components with the most room for improvement are listed at the top


Drop-down button:

Click the drop-down menu for additional suggestions on how to improve each component presented


Details view:

The Details view provides each property’s listing quality component details.


Property name:

Click each property name to go to a listing-level scorecard


Export function:

Use this export function to easily access data while you are making updates in your software


Advertising Region


If you notice that any of your listings are displayed in an incorrect area, you can edit their advertising regions on this page during the first 10 days of being published. After 10 days, contact HomeAway Support to edit the regions (

Brand Info

Use the Brand Info section to add information about your company, to enroll in Brand Boost and to designate the response time in which you expect to respond to traveler inquiries or booking requests.


Response Time:

Make sure that your response time accurately reflects how quickly you answer inquiries and booking requests, including nights and weekends

Online Booking Management

Easily manage your online booking settings from your Dashboard for both commission and subscription listings.


Publishing a pay per booking listing

When you have listings that are ready to be published such as a pay-per-booking listing, you will see an “Unassigned Listings” tab in your HomeAway Dashboard. In order to publish those listings, select the desired listings and click the “Convert to Pay-Per-Booking” button.

Enabling online booking on a listing

If you have a subscription listing, you can enable or disable online booking in your Dashboard by going to your “Subscriptions” tab where you will find a column labeled “Bookable online.” If you hover your mouse over the “Yes” or “No” for each listing, you will see a checkbox that can be adjusted for each listing – checked for “Yes” (bookable online) or unchecked for “No” (not bookable online).


Convert pay-per-booking listings to subscription listings

If you have a pay-per-booking listing that you would like to convert to a subscription listing, you will see an option called “Switch to Subscription” under the “Pay-Per-Booking” tab. Click on this link and follow the prompts to convert the listing.


Change credit card information

To change or update your credit card information, click your name in the top right corner of your Dashboard and select “PPB Settings.” On the “PPB Settings” page, click the “Billing Info” tab, where you will be able to edit your primary payment method.


View your pay per booking bill

Your bill for any commission charges for pay-per-booking listings is easily accessible in your Dashboard. If you click your name in the top right corner of your Dashboard, you will see a drop-down menu where you can click “Pay-Per-Booking Statements.” Your statement will be available on the 2nd day of each month and will reflect all stays completed in the previous month.


View pending transactions

Click your name in the top right corner of your Dashboard and select “Pending Transactions” to view your pending transactions report.


Do you have additional questions about your Dashboard? Contact your Account Manager and request to schedule a Dashboard Training with the Onboarding Team!