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Subscription Levels — Get Better Search Placement


Search results are designed so that travelers can find their ideal property quickly, and you receive the most relevant inquiries and booking requests.


Results are initially ordered according to subscription level, which is the most important factor you can control to influence your search position. After subscription level, our "best match" search algorithm considers a combination of traveler preferences and the booking experience a listing provides to produce results that best meet each traveler's unique needs. While search placement for pay-per-booking listings is not guaranteed, they can be dynamically placed within subscription levels based on "best match.” Learn more about best match > 


Subscription Levels.

Your annual subscription level plays a significant role in your placement in search results. From Classic to Platinum, each level helps you get higher in the rankings as travelers search your area. In addition, each level offers a set of features designed to help improve your inquiry and booking count.

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Upgrade at any time

If you would like to upgrade a listing, it's easy, and you can do it at any time. We'll charge you a pro-rated fee based on how much of your annual subscription is left. Learn more about upgrading your subscription level.

There are several different levels that offer different features.
  • Basic ranking in search results
  • Ranks above Classic in search results
  • Averages 15% more inquiries than Classic**
  • Ranks above Bronze in search results
  • Averages 20% more inquiries than Classic**
  • Ranks above Silver in search results
  • Averages 30% more inquiries than Classic**
  • Ranks highest in search results
  • Averages 115% more inquiries than Classic**

*While owners and managers can influence a listing's position through subscription levels, the search ranking is dynamic and subject to change. As a result, owners may notice ongoing fluctuations in their listing position.

**Average inquiry lift is calculated using actual inquiries submitted between 12/01/2014 - 11/30/2015 to listings that were live on HomeAway.com as of 11/30/2015.