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Pricing Options

No two properties are exactly the same. And it's no different with property owners. So we offer two pricing models to ensure you get the most value out of your HomeAway listing: annual subscription and Pay-Per-Booking.

Annual Subscription


An annual subscription allows you to list a property for a full year and pay one set price for unlimited bookings.


Starting July 11, 2016, we will stop selling multi-level subscriptions (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Classic) and will move to one annual subscription. The new annual subscription will be offered at $349 for properties with online booking and $499 for properties without it. The new flat price is similar to the price of today’s Classic subscription but will now include regional and global exposure on 24 of our global sites at no extra cost.


Listing placement in search results is important because it can help convert to bookings—the higher, or better, your listing appears in search results, the more likely it will be seen by travelers and potentially be booked. We’ve developed a best match system that applies an algorithm to all listings based on a traveler’s search criteria (e.g., travel dates, location) and ultimately displays those listings most likely to result in a successful booking.


The #1 way to be successful in best match is to enable online booking for all listings and encourage travelers to book and pay through the HomeAway checkout process. Listings that offer online booking get 86% more bookings than those without it.[1]


[1] Based on 2014 bookings per listing for Classic level, payments enabled, 7 largest HomeAway brands




With the move to one annual subscription, ALL listings will now get regional and global exposure at no additional cost and with no additional work on your part. This means your listing gets exposure on our top 24 international sites, including Europe, Canada, Australia, and others.