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Mobile Hospitality Manager


The Mobile Hospitality Manager makes it easy to get your guests the information they need once they've booked your property to ensure they have an excellent stay experience. Just enter the useful information about your vacation rental – from check-in instructions to local attractions to Wi-Fi codes – in the "Hospitality" section on your dashboard. That information, as well as local recommendations and directions to your property, will be available to your confirmed guests in the HomeAway app or on the web so they can access it anytime.


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To access your Mobile Hospitality Manager,  just click the "Hospitality" link in your dashboard. Go to my HomeAway, VRBO, or VacationRentals.com dashboard. 

No one knows your property like you do. Your guests will have an even better experience when you provide them with helpful information specific to your property (such as how to use the washing machine) and your own local recommendations (the best restaurant within walking distance). Best of all, you only have to enter it once and then the Mobile Hospitality Manager will provide every confirmed guest access to this information prior to and during their stay. 

All confirmed guests with an email address will receive an invitation to the hospitality experience or to download the mobile app, depending on which alerts you've elected. Then they can access your content anytime, through the app or from their computer, smartphone or tablet. (They will not be able to view your property's location or access instructions until you authorize it.) Guests engaged with your hospitality content will receive a request for a review toward the end of the stay, when they're more likely to take the time to respond. By providing guests with everything they need, they'll know just how glad you are to have them, and have an even better vacation rental experience.


How it works – the guest experience

The Mobile Hospitality Manager makes connecting with your guests easy, giving them the information they need to get the most out of their stay.


Step One


Once a guest’s reservation is confirmed through your HomeAway, VRBO, or VacationRentals.com calendar, they will receive an email inviting them to access your property information.They will be asked to log in using their email address, mobile invitation code, and check-in date.You can always see the emails your guests receive under the “My Guests” tab in the Mobile Hospitality Manager.


To protect your privacy, details about the location of your property and rental access instructions will not be accessible by a guest until you enable their access through the Mobile Hospitality Manager. You have two options:


  1. Manually unlock access for each reservation
    • Go to the Hospitality link from your Dashboard
    • Navigate to the My Guests tab
    • The left navigation displays a list of upcoming reservations for the next 90 days
    • (If you have not unlocked access to a guest, there will be a yellow warning triangle next to the guest's name)
    • Click on the name in the reservation list to pull up the stay information for the guest and any invited guests
    • In the timeline, there will be a red lock icon denoting that the access is locked
    • Click the red lock icon, and a confirmation window will appear
    • Click "Confirm" to grant access to the guest

Note: Even if you unlock access manually far in advance of the stay, guests will not receive access to secure info any further out than 14 days before arrival and it will be locked again the day after checkout. 


  1. Enable scheduled access for all reservations:
    • Go to My Rentals tab
    • Click on Rental Info in the left navigation
    • Select "Enable scheduled access"
    • Choose how many days before arrival that you want the access allowed from the dropdown list

Note: If access is not unlocked for a guest by 17 days before arrival, you will receive an email reminding you to unlock the access information for that reservation.



Step Two

Once they’ve logged in, guests can view all the content you’ve added in the Mobile Hospitality Manager.

TIP: Want to see what it looks like to your guests? Under the “My Guests” tab, click the “Preview” button on the right. Check it out  



Step Three


You will be able to view information about upcoming stays and guests’ activity in the “Activity” tab. We will notify you via email in advance of their check-in date and alert you if they request important information that you have not yet provided. You can manage the alerts you receive in the “Settings” tab. 


Step Four


You can login to the Mobile Hospitality Manager through the “Hospitality” link in your dashboard to make changes or add more information. Try to think of the questions you usually get asked – adding check-in/checkout instructions, important phone numbers, Wi-Fi instructions and codes, entertainment system instructions, etc. can save both you and your guests time and help them feel at home.


What you can do

There are several things you can do to improve your guests’ stay and create a more personalized experience. And remember, you only have to do them once!


  1. Add property content
    Click on the “Hospitality” link in your dashboard to begin adding content to your Mobile Hospitality Manager. Enter any information specific to the property itself under the “My Rentals” tab. Be sure to include anything that might be useful to your guests.

    There are four main areas under the “My Rentals” tab where you can enter this information. For anything specific to a particular guest, such as door passcodes or access instructions, include that under the “My Guests” tab.

    Rental Info – This page has information pulled from your listing. You can select a unique color to differentiate between other property listings you may have. The location shown on the map is used to generate driving directions for your guests, so be sure to validate it. If it’s not accurate, contact HomeAway Customer Service to update it – the pin cannot be moved in the Mobile Hospitality Manager or Listing Manager. Update my content

    Before Arrival – Here you can share airport information, parking and car directions, and check-in instructions with your guests. You can also remind them about your policies on pets and smoking. Your guests will be able to see a list of what is provided at your rental (e.g. linens, pool access) and get any packing tips you provide (“it gets cold at night, bring a sweater”). Update my content

    Rental Instructions –This is where you put the answers to many of your guests’ questions, like house rules, checkout instructions, Wi-Fi password, instructions on how to use the washer/dryer or the grill, when to take out the trash, and more. You include all the information your guests would need, from suggestions for rainy days to information about dealing with maintenance issues. Remember, any information you enter here will be available to all confirmed guests, so you only have enter it once! Update my content

    Local Suggestions – Pointing guests towards other places in the area will help your guests get the most out their stay. Tell them about restaurants and activities close by your property. You can also provide information on grocery stores, movie theaters and more. Update my content
  2. Customize your welcome and thank you messages

    The Mobile Hospitality Manager will automatically send emails to your confirmed guests, inviting them to access your hospitality information. They’re already written and ready to go for you. But you can add your own voice to the welcome and thank you messages by visiting the My Rentals Tab and clicking on the designated links on the left. Update my messages

    Note: If you have another system already in place to send welcome and thank you messages, you can turn these off in the Mobile Hospitality Manager by clicking on “Settings” and “Guest Notifications.”
  3. Modify your settings
    You will automatically receive the following notifications so you can prepare for your guests’ visit and ensure they have all the information they need to have a great stay.

    » Upcoming guest reservation (17 days before the stay)
    » Guest received welcome message (2 days before the stay)
    » Guest requested content you have not provided (e.g. contact information, driving directions, check-in instructions, a list of what’s provided, checkout instructions, Wi-Fi information and codes)

You can change which you receive in the “Settings” tab by clicking on “Owner Notifications.” Click on the button next to each notification to enable or disable it. Update my settings

The rest is automatic…
Once you’ve entered your property details and added your own voice to the messages, let the Mobile Hospitality Manager do the rest!

Here's what travelers are saying:

"The homeowner was incredibly helpful in the planning process and we also used the HomeAway app before, during, and after our stay. It was super handy to have all the info we needed in the app and plenty of reminders regarding check-in and checkout."
Katie S.

Here's what owners are saying:

"Vacations are all about the experience, and the custom app from HomeAway enhances and elevates that fabulous experience for my guests. I use the HomeAway app as one of those 'extras' for a little edge over other properties, one of my 'deal makers' that helps a guest to choose my place for their vacation memories."
Tyann M.



How do my guests find information about my property?
Your guests can view your content through the “My Rentals” section of the HomeAway app, as well as being able to see it on our site through any desktop or mobile browser.

What if I manage multiple properties?
The Mobile Hospitality Manager can currently handle up to ten properties. If you are a property manager and would like to manage more than ten, our gladPROFESSIONAL product may be the right alternative for you.

What content will my guests see if I don’t add anything?
The Mobile Hospitality Manager will include suggestions for places of interest nearby. However, we encourage you to add your own recommendations and other useful information to give your guests a more personalized and better stay.

Do I still get this if I do not have HomeAway Payments or online booking?
Yes. All HomeAway owners and property managers will receive this service. However, the messaging cannot start immediately without a confirmed booking. In order to ensure your guests can access your information, you will need to mark each one as paid in the Mobile Hospitality Manager section of your HomeAway or VRBO dashboard.