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Payment Methods

Are you a professional property manager? To learn more about payment methods and online booking for property managers, visit the Property Manager Toolkit >

Travelers come to our sites expecting to book their vacation rental the same way that they purchase everything else online: quickly and securely. That’s why our tools support a variety of payment methods, designed to be easy and flexible for you and your travelers.

HomeAway Payments® is the most secure and convenient way to accept most major credit cards and all eChecks directly from your dashboard. Using HomeAway Payments makes it easy to get paid and comes with the benefit of our Carefree Rental Guarantee.

HAP.PNGWhy use HomeAway Payments?

  • Low rates and no fees
    Processing fees start as low as 2.5% for domestically-issued cards like Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover®.* eChecks are free and there are no setup, termination, or monthly fees.
  • Convenient
    It’s easier for travelers to securely pay online when they rent a property using their credit card or eCheck. Funds are disbursed to you based on your payment schedule and your calendar is updated.
  • Saves you time
    Manage all your payments and reservations from your dashboard and take advantage of more tools like automated payment requests and reminders.
  • Improves listing performance
    HomeAway Payments comes with a prominent badge on your listing and improves performance in search results, which leads to more bookings. Classic listings with HomeAway Payments generate more than 2.5 times as many property views.**
  • More property protection
    Using HomeAway Payments allows you to enable Property Damage Protection. This gives your guests the option to pay a low upfront fee for a protection policy or pay the equivalent coverage amount as a refundable damage deposit. Either way, your property is protected. Learn more about Property Damage Protection >
  • Highest level of payment protection for your guests
    When your transaction is processed using HomeAway payments, your guest’s payment is automatically protected up to $10,000 through the HomeAway Payment Guarantee. Your guest will feel protected knowing their payment is going directly to you through HomeAway.

*Rates vary by country. Learn more >
**Based on average Classic listing performance on HomeAway.com in December 2012.

How to add and use HomeAway Payments: Fill out a simple form with basic information you have on hand.

Have questions about HomeAway Payments or how to set it up? Learn more >

Although HomeAway Payments is the only way to get paid directly through your dashboard,  we also support additional forms of payment so you can get paid the way that’s most convenient to you and unlock more tools. If you don't already use HomeAway payments, soon you will be able to offer additional payment protection and online booking to your guests with your alternative payment methods, as well as being able to access payment management tools.

To get these new benefits when they’re available, take a few minutes to go to your dashboard and tell us which payment methods you accept now. It’s easy and only requires the information you usually have on hand to accept payments from travelers.When this new functionality is available, you will automatically receive these additional tools and benefits while still accepting payments directly from travelers through checks, bank transfers, PayPal, and other payment methods outside of the HomeAway system.Set up your payment methods on HomeAway, VRBO, or VacationRentals.com


Entering your own payment methods through your dashboard today will soon open up new benefits:


  1. TIP: The online booking button won’t appear on your listing yet, but you can pre-register for online booking in your dashboard today and be the first to get it when it becomes available! 
    Online booking: Soon you will be able to use online booking with a wide range of payment methods outside of the HomeAway system, including checks, bank transfers, PayPal, and credit cards using your own payment processor. These payments will continue to be handled directly by you. If you already use HomeAway Payments, this update will simply provide you with additional options for accepting payments.
    Learn how online booking with offline payments will work >
  2. TIP: It’s important to enter your payment methods now so that when travelers have the ability to verify their payment methods in a few weeks, you’ll be ready!
    Fraud protection and increased peace of mind: Travelers can choose to confirm they’re using one of your accepted methods before paying. This reduces the chance of fraud and ensures that they’re paying you and not an impersonator. In addition, when they confirm their payment method, they become eligible for additional payment protection through the HomeAway Traveler Guarantee.
  3. More tools: Soon you’ll have access to payment management tools previously available only to HomeAway Payments users; these include tracking tools and payment scheduling with automatic payment reminders.


Have questions about how to enter your accepted payment methods? Learn more >

Tell us your preferred payment methods today to get these new benefits soon. Here’s how:


  1. Property Settings.pngGo to the “Settings” tab of your dashboard
  2. Enter information about each of the payment methods you accept. For example, if you accept bank transfers, you can enter the last few digits of the account number. If you use HomeAway payments, credit cards or checks through HomeAway payments will be your default payment methods.
  3. Add additional payment instructions. For bank transfers, you can add information that you would want your travelers to see about making the transfer such as “Include the property number and rental dates in the memo.”

Here's how your payment information will be used: When your traveler is ready to pay, they can choose to confirm they are paying by one of your accepted methods before submitting payment. The payments guarantee page will ask the traveler to enter a piece of payment information you provided them. The information that is entered will be compared to what  has been entered in your dashboard settings. This process will help to ensure that your guest has received the correct payment information from the legitimate property owner or manager and not a fraudster. 

In the future, when online booking is available to use with any of your payment methods, we will share your payment instructions only if you are using online booking and approve the reservation request or send a payment request directly from your dashboard. 

How it will work:

COMING SOON! Using alternative payment methods without online booking COMING SOON! Using alternative payment methods with online booking
  1. Traveler inquires and you agree to the booking.
  2. You give your guest payment instructions by calling or emailing them.
  3. Guests can confirm your payment instructions match those on file for your listing. To do this, they simply log into HomeAway, VRBO, or VacationRentals.com and visit the guarantee page accessible from the top navigation bar or your property page.
  4. If the payment instructions match what we have on file, your guests will be eligible for up to $3,000 of payment protection through the HomeAway Payment Guarantee. 
  5. If the instructions do not match, the traveler will be encouraged to contact you directly through the phone number you’ve provided to confirm they payment instructions they've received.
  1. Traveler requests a reservation through the online booking button on your listing.
  2. When you accept the reservation request, your guest automatically receives detailed payment instructions.
  3. The guest pays you directly.
  4. When you receive the payment, you mark the guest as paid in your dashboard.
  5. Your guest is automatically covered up to $3,000 for the booking.