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Additional Tools

There are times when you might want to give your listing a “turbo boost” and get a little extra income. Featured listings and special offers are short-term ways to make that happen. Try them both and see which one works best for you in your area.


Share your listing on your social media networks to gain additional exposure

The trick to bookings is exposure for your listing - and one free way to get additional, free exposure for your property’s listing is to share it on social media channels, like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+. You’ll create buzz around your property and enable your followers to access your listing page directly from your post. Share your listing to social media channels in order to:
  • Gain free exposure for your listing and build awareness of your rental amongst people you trust
  • Give your friends and followers an easy way to access your listing or refer others who may be interested in booking your home
  • Share real-time news about your listing, availability or what’s going on around it such as special events
Sharing your listing to social media is easy to do just by clicking on the social media icons directly on your listing’s page. Here’s how:

1. Click on the social media icons on the top right-hand side of your listing.

The numbers next to icon will tell you how many times your listing has been shared through that social media channel!

2. Facebook:

Share to facebook by clicking on the “Share” icon, or like your listing on facebook by clicking “like.” Facebook will automatically pull in a thumbnail image and description of your listing, and you’ll be able to add an additional comment and post it on your timeline. People can view your listing on HomeAway, VRBO or VacationRentals.com just by clicking on your post that will appear in the Facebook newsfeed, so its easy way to expose your listing to more prospective renters. You can ask your friends, family or past travelers to do the same by sharing these instructions with them!

3. Pinterest:

Click on the “PinIt” icon to pin your listing on Pinterest. A window will pop out and you can choose the board on which you’d like to pin your rental property. If your boards are public, other Pinterest users can find and pin your property and access your listing directly from it. Using the “Pinit” logo is also a great way to pin other vacation rentals you might be interested in!

4. Twitter:

Tweet about your listing by clicking on the “Tweet” icon. A window will pop out where you can add a comment along with the URL of your listing. Your tweet will be visible to all your twitter followers and publically (varies based on your account settings) so more people can easily find your listing.

5. Google+:

Recommend your listing on Google+ by clicking on the “g+” logo. A pop up will appear along with an image of your listing and description. You can choose to add a comment and click to share publically. Other Google+ users can see your post on your Google+ profile and access your listing directly from it.


Our mobile app does more than just make your properties easy to find on the go. You can also use it to read and respond to traveler inquiries, view and edit existing reservations, manage your availability calendar, and even call potential guests — all from your mobile phone!